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    Author Topic: Helper Application.  (Read 904 times)

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    Helper Application.
    « on: June 20, 2017, 03:23:14 PM »
    Name: Zack
    username- Rangekid

    Where are you from?: Spokane Valley, WA

    Timezone: Pacific Time

    How many hours can you spend daily ingame?: about 7+

    Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: In all honesty I love the Server and the environment it has, I’ve played for about 6 months + and am very fond of it all. The staff is super friendly and super knowledgeable and on top of it to help and benefit every player the same and I'd love to be able to help out in the same way they helped me.

    Why should we choose you over others: I don't have a reason why to pick me over anyone else sincerely because I don't know anybody's work ethics that I’m not surrounded by everyday, But I do know that I am a hard worker and willing to do my job to the best of it's ability and I Will make sure to help everyone who needs the required help. And I will make sure to keep Moparscape a friendly environment like it is now.

    What are some useable skills you have?:I am a Manager at the business I work at and have been for four years, so leadership skills come along with me

    How long have you played Moparscape?: 6-7 months.

    What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted?:To be able to help this server out to the best of my ability and keep players Active and Happy if the server's failing we're failing.

    Staff Experience- Was a mod/Admin on Cosmoscape back in 2012-2013 other than that none.

    In a short paragraph, explain what you'll do with your position: if I am picked for an open helper position I will Help players as much as I possibly can with any questions they have, I will also keep the server in motion by making sure no one gets scammed, or harassed about any matters.
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    Re: Helper Application.
    « Reply #1 on: June 20, 2017, 08:03:36 PM »
    +1 from me, always helping when has chance and good guy overall.

     - Sad Def noob
    Sad Def Noob

    Mopar's In-game Helper since 23/06/2017

    Mopar's In-game Moderator since 31/08/2017
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    Re: Helper Application.
    « Reply #2 on: June 21, 2017, 07:38:44 PM »
    +1 from me <3
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    Re: Helper Application.
    « Reply #3 on: June 22, 2017, 11:31:36 AM »
    +1 from me, nice application! I saw him alot online and he's helping alot of people and he got the knowledge of the game.

    Kind regards,



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