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    Author Topic: Changes I would like to see  (Read 564 times)

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    Changes I would like to see
    « on: February 13, 2018, 07:34:35 PM »
    First off, let me start this post by saying I absolutely love this server. If literally none of my suggestions are implemented I will still continue to play this server. My suggestions are not complaints or digs against the server.

    The main gist of my suggestion is an overhaul on the PVM droptables. Sure there are other servers that have different bosses and even more weapon selection than us but what I truly enjoy on Mopar the monster selection we have. We've got all the basic slayer monsters with the great additions of things like Wyverns, Brutal Greens, Evlarge, Abberant specters. My problem with this is that the most profitable to kill is Crawling Hands. If you are not bossing, Crawling Hands are the best gp/hour monster to kill. A measly 5 slayer requirement is all it takes to have access to the best PVM monster that isn't a boss.

    What makes Crawling Hands so OP is the fact that they drop clues/crystal keys at roughly the same rates as pretty much every other monster in the game. That combined with their low hp and low slayer requirement makes them a great monster to kill. Not to mention they drop Rune armors/Herbs at the same rate as better monsters like Abyssal Demons, Wyverns, or Dark Beasts. I honestly think Crawling Hands should be nerfed but I imagine many will not like that. Instead I think we should see certain monsters have their chances of dropping clues/crystal keys/ rune armors increased. It seems absolutely silly to me that if all bosses are busy, the next best bet for a maxed character is crawling hands instead of high end slayer monsters.

    I understand there is Zulrah which is instanced and doesn't face an overcrowding issue but I just personally take issue with that fact that a 16hp 5 slayer req monster is the best gp hour in the game if you're not bossing.

    Other suggestions:
    Add clues to barrow chests
    Add Crystal key drops to barrow chests
    Add the ability for Wyvern bones to be  noted.
    Jad tasks
    Most unique drops like how granite armor is split between monsters.

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