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    Author Topic: [PROPOSAL] Moparscape Official Shoutbox Rules & Guidelines [UPDATED SEP 2017]  (Read 769 times)

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    Hello Moparscape Community,

    These rules are not official, but a direct proposal to current Moparscape staff to maintain a safer community for all.

    The Shoutbox is an amazing new feature for our boards, and many users are taking advantage of the many benefits allowed by it. High quality advice, resources and conversations are made available in real time, from community members.

    Unfortunately, some members are using the Shoutbox as their own public playground. Whether this is to spam links (advertising, off-site, competing services (!!)) or to slander other community members. Either way this is not an image we want to portray at the top of every page & board. Especially if there is nobody to maintain the Shoutbox.

    As part of the initiative to tidy up Moparscape and welcome new users, I would like to propose some official Shoutbox rules, to help cut down on spam and other posts that shouldn't be allowed to continue. These should be maintained by a trusted, privileged user preferably with experience in maintain real time communities.

    They are as follows:
    • Shouters should notspam, flame or directly attack, provoke or slander any community member, project or idea.
    • Shouters should not link off-site, this is causing a negative impact on our own community, driving users to our competitors.
    • Shouters are allowed to link to their own internal advertisement threads ONCE per 24 HOURS. Continued advertisements will result in infractions and ultimately removal of advertisement threads.
    • Shouters are not to discuss bans, appeals or staff applications in the shoutbox. They have a thread for these conversations for that reason. Continued negligence will result in infracts & ultimately removal of threads & possible accounts.
    • Marketing conversation is prohibited and should be kept to PMs. Attempting to buy/sell/trade repeatedly in the Shoutbox will be met with infractions and ultimately barring of Moparscape Forum Accounts.
    • Avoiding Shoutbox bans & infractions is prohibited and may result in a total forum ip ban.
    • All forum rules apply

    All bans or infractions will be subject solely to the Moderators discretion.

    Thanks for reading, for a better future for us all.
    stCky - (applying) Community Manager
    Runescape Gambling


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