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The Un-Named:
I've done cannabis before, it wasn't bad but every time I had it, it was pretty shit stuff(grown wrong).

If you want advice on drugs, wait until jme_009 comes here.

How was it different than normal?
And yes, i was hoping he would come soon =]


--- Quote from: The Un-Named on November 25, 2007, 12:43:48 AM ---If you want advice on drugs, wait until jme_009 comes here.

--- End quote ---


anyway, ive never done drugs. currently at my school and grade, the only people that have done pot are like the kids that you knew would be smoking it first since kindergarten. it hasn't really "cuaght on"


--- Quote from: cooper on November 25, 2007, 12:03:08 AM ---Whats it like after smoking pot?
Also, I'm especially interested in anyone with experience on 2c-b.

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Well first, I've done a lot of different drugs. Quoting myself from another thread:

--- Quote ----Marijuana, hash, hash oil
-Amphetamines/speed (dexedrine, and some illicitly produced speed bombs)
-LSD (acid)
-DXM (dextromethorphan)
-Dimenhydrinate, Diphenhydramine
-Salvia divinorum
-Nitrous Oxide
-Amyl nitrite
-Huffing air refreshener (not proud of that one, one time thing)
-Pseudoephedrine (I'm not sure if this is psychoactive, but it fudgeed me up at around 200 mg's or something)
-Edit: Cocaine =/
--- End quote ---

I would love to try 2C-B, you're lucky if you have access to it :P I'm sure you already found this, but here are the effects it gives:

--- Quote from: _effects.shtml ---The effects of 2C-B have been described as a cross between the effects of LSD and MDMA, but that it is nothing like a combination of the two. It is mildly psychedelic, much less mind-expanding or disassociative than mushrooms or LSD, but much less directed than MDMA.

2C-B includes Open Eye Visual (OEV) effects which are usually described as crawling, shifting, or undulating, or cartooning. Closed Eye Visuals (CEVs) are present and increase with dosage. Many report a 'color shift' where objects seem to have red / green halos around them.

2C-B has a large 'body' component which some describe as "body tripping."
--- End quote ---

As for weed, I've never had a bad experience with it. I say try it a few times at least, it may not work at first. Try to get the best stuff you can, It really makes a difference.

like Dr. house (vicodin). have u got all of them from one person?


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