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[474] Vencillio - Who needs a slogan?

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Vencillio is a server that is inspired and driven by you, the members of Vencillio . We listen to what the players want, we want everyone to feel like Vencillio is a server where they truly belong. The game play is not only fresh it is extremely fluid and highly customizable. We carefully selected the best features of each different revision and put them all into one perfect server. The content of Vencillio is outstanding, there are features that no other servers can replicate. Vencillio has an outstanding set of developers that are not only professional and educated but dedicated.

This project will be entirely based off a blank server. Which means everything will be done from scratch. It's a long and vigorous task that our developers are facing head on. We will be transferring some popular content from our previous project, Mistex.

* Play Boy (Daniel) - Project Leader
* Chex (Michael) - Game Developer
* Linus - Game Developer
* Bigshot (Ken) - Website Developer

arham 4:

Please say 317 loading 474 -.-


Wow looks amazing,wont be joining tho
But GL
by Judging your media I think this server will be awesome. :D

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