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[NEW] 667 Server "Nibiru"


Hello, so I used to be a big part in the RSPS industry. You may know me by the name 'Brian h'.
Anyway, after quitting RSPS business for 3 years I'm back, and I'm creating a project It's gonna be big.
I need a few serious people who are willing to put some work in with me to maximize this server out, because I plan to make this the BEST server out there.
And of course bring back the RSPS community, I see it's fallen off alot. If there's anyone out there interested in joining in, or if you want more info just PM me here and I'll get back to you.

I need:

- 2 other developers besides myself
- 2 moderators
- A GFX artist
and of course players, but there will be tons. ;)

- Planet X Nibiru Owner.

Bro, I remember you from back in 2008 hope you can bring it back. You're the messiah we have been waiting for.

Come join man.


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