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--- Quote from: Clawd on October 30, 2011, 10:48:27 AM ---I get error loading please report when i launch the client. I got jdk and jre 7 and set the paths correctly. Does setting the ips affect the client from not launching? It gives an error about some map file. Im pretty sure others are having this problem.
You cancall me a noob or whatever u want, i just want this fixed. Im not trying to steal anything... Just want to play with my friends.

--- End quote ---
Honestly, its been fixed a Zillion times already by now, What i would suggest is look through the release of insidiaX on Rune-Server, there is a lot more information about fixing all these problems there, just read all the pages and you'll see plenty of ways to fix it

AKC Colin:
Very good :) Only bugs are wrong body rune gfx, and lag when using bank all option.

jal knight:
*cough* bump

back to first page :)

btw, to anyone who gives a shit I'm pretty sure I found a solution to the couple BIG memory leaks to InsidiaX
to fix the guy that gives out the skillcapes:
There are 24 skills, the integer for him is showing 21, so change it.

I could have worded ^ that wrong, so if I did sorry. No need to flame just tryin to help newfags.

Should Give credits to Erased Pkz?

How do i fix the "compiler" & "run?"


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