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Welcome to Spades-Scape!

This is not a "Remake" of RuneScape, it was simply made to be a clean up of a crappy source. It was originally DeltaScape, but I downloaded it from a source that was far from the original Delta. Here is a link: Fernanscape

As you can tell I did extensive work to clean this up. No, I did not keep the crappy "Blurrs" client. I hated that client from day 1. I actually started working on this source around December 2009. I did host it for awhile, but took it down. I had it running but decided I didn't like keeping up with all the staff and stuff. Anyways, I basically at first went around and fixed as many dupes I could possibly find, I think in the end I fixed about 10 or so dupes, I'm sure there are more out there I just haven't been able to find them. I took away the traditional "home", "training area", "skill area", ect, ect... What I did was I tried to base everything at first off of RuneScape, I made all the teleports teleport to the correct locations, with the correct NPC's in places where I tried to work on. I tried to clean up the shops as much as I could.

What have I done to this source?
Well, there are a number of things I actually did to this source.
Removed all the Npc's and re-spawned them all.
Cleaned out the item.cfg file which wasn't really a task to begin with, but I got it done.
Fixed numerous bugs, including the one from my last source whilst dying your character was stuck, I was able to fix that problem.
Added a Random Event to my source, pretty simple but if you plan on hosting this source, it can be very effective in finding the botters.
Reduced the Combat delay by a little bit, I was never able to get it completely gone.
Added a sound support system to my server.
Added a music system to my server.
Server is playable with a 317 client loading the original 317 deob
Added NPC Clipping
These are not counting what I have in my last version.

Client Adds:
Complete cache reading HeadIcons
Complete Sounds Cache Reading
Complete Music Cache Reading
No Models
No Sprites, Just the background is changed.
While loading the client it plays the traditional RuneScape theme music then turns off when logging on. I commented out the music because there was minor bugs with it and I didn't want to mess too much with it.

None really, it is pretty much just Delta with all the special stuff removed. I started working on a mini-game I had found on R-S but I never finished it. I did make an extremely simple one in the rouges den, but that's about all. I do have a very basic Tutorial Island, I disabled it on login because it was just a test. I enabled Tele-Other on the server with the correct teleports.

This source is NOT done, I don't have time to continue with it. I am much more busy with things IRL, I did not do a super great job with it, whenever I see good bases get released people don't use them because they are complicated. This is just a WinterLove source, people can easily find tutorials, add, or make things themselves. This is going to be a good starting base for people who would want to continue on with RSPS. The clients are clean and very easy to use, you can go ahead and smash them full of your customs. This is meant to be a clean start for people. I understand a lot of people don't like Delta, but I'd rather use this then PI.

Here are some pictures:

Download Links

Client 317:

Client 377:



So fudgeing sexy! Good job




I think your server should revolve around some kind of shovel. o.O But that is just my opinion.



If I could +Rep you I would!

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