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Faded Vision:
I am cat spit from Rserver and will verify if a Mod needs.

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[*]Entire Knowledge Base (Alot of images)
[*]World Map with jars
[*]shit like post bag from the hedge (y)
[*]Entire hoempage with all images working
[*]Only modification was to remove ads
[*]screenshots page
[*]Downloads page
[*]Entire german translation

Its the website just before the piety update and the update where Jagex ruined pest of there first "ruining" updates.

Some might argue this was the best time for Runescape :P

Looks really good

noobs are ftw:
nice reminds me of when rs was good

Wow.. I haven't seen anything like this before. odd O_o (in a good way)


--- Quote from: noobs are ftw on April 21, 2010, 06:40:35 PM ---nice reminds me of when rs was good

--- End quote ---
so true so true


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