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[508]Gods army server v2! dual HD and LD, skills and barrow armor effect!!!!

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Gods army:

news: you need to delete "" i forgot to delete it.

Hi and i am now ready to release Gods army server v2

source - xeloxoft release smallscreen

features(version 0):
- 70% GodWars (Not sure, maybe 60-70%)
- My own minigame, The Great 5!
- Kalphite morphing!
- Every npc ingame have the right emotes, except the ones i haven't found!
- Commands, teleports and so on.
- every modern spell is working, summoning base added!
- NPC aggresion, following isn't added!
- Npc attack 60%
- Player Combat 70%
- Special attack for all the godswords, effects on all except Bandos!
- All the godwars object working!
- ::item command for everyone, item restricted!
- Item on Item
- Global Objects
- Fullscreen client, server!
- Not to easy, not to hard to TRAIN or MAKING CASH!
- Alot of special attacks!
- Lunar, Modern and Ancient Magicks!
- Single pk!
- Working Npc update masks!
- Bounty hunter
- Flames on KBD (A bit bugged)
- Fireshield needed (KBD)
- CW Base
- Jad have all the atks, mage, range and melee.
- poisoning!
And ALOT more

features(version 1):
better eating method
membership base
base for crafting
+all from version 0

features(version 2):
able to test staking and trade
godsword making
Updated bh
Dual HD and LD
custom barrow effects

pictures for version 0+:

yes, these are all his picture but i have not updated yet, if you would like to help msg me or leave a post. well here be the versions

pictures for version 1:

pictures for version 2+:

none yet

videos for v2:

(use the links to watch the videos)

past releases:

version 0 (xeloxoft release v1):


past releases:

version 0 (xeloxoft release v1):

version 1 (my first release):

now, here a lot of work has been put into this.. but i didn't get everything working yet (dueling), but this has got more skills, shops etc.

and without further ado.. here is v2!

release(version 2):

now here is tutorial to playing HD

first download these two things

HD ip changing client:


then when their done downloading install the cache and extract the client

then when your done installing open and run the client

put in

when you open it up go to graphics options and go to the VERY BOTTOM

and change this to fixed

then play :)

some tut makers

bye :)

if you want to check out my v1, here is the link (almost everything from v1 is here etc): [url][/url


nice server


nice :)

Gods army:

thanks guys :)


im having a little trouble with the client.. i click run on the client and type in but it just stays on connecting to update server... i installed the cache

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