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525 server and client

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--- Quote from: i like rsps on January 12, 2009, 02:34:40 AM ---were can i get cache

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there's a .jagex_cache in your C:\windows copy and make a folder called 525cache paste there


--- Quote from: cheeseblock on January 12, 2009, 02:24:32 AM ---
--- Quote from: icemansnowman on January 12, 2009, 02:02:55 AM ---Ok this is a stupid question but what's new in 525 and what are all of these 508, 503 and 525 numbers all about anyway? So I get that they mean better graphics or something but I want to know the story to it pl0x :P

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SO if I'm getting this right... the numbers stand for updates or important updates? Or is that the Jagex's Client version provided by Jagex?

508's were the old rs so like no dragon plates d claws etc
525's are more recent rs is on 526 i think? so they have d paltes d claws etc
503's were even more before 508's less features like no runecrafting guild etc :P

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O I3 I3 Y:
 Mad I Am Going Crazy I can Code and move npc's change what they say everything i will show you how it's a simple progress of copy and paste but if you help me with my default gateway i will show you everything...
i've spent month's i done ipconfig in run in that black screen my default gateway ip is like my normal ip adress etc: Default gateway: really weird and i wanna make it So People can access it okay if you got anything to do to help me and oh add me email
[email protected]

I've spent month's on trying to get it going i'm not joking about 3 month's and no1 actually comment's back or anything so please help me i will make you owner on my server and btw it gonna be high detail i can work that and everything i will do w.e you say if you can help me with my DEFALUT GATEWAY IP!!

Thank You For Reading..but im still mad Mad
SadSadSadSad reply to my yahoo OK!

Ever considered port forwarding?

guys dont even waste your time downloading this... i wasted more than 2 hours trying to get this stupid client to work the server kinda works but its messed up..... seriously man if u download this ur just gonna waste 2 hours or more of your life.. this DOWNLOAD SUCKS DONT DOWNLOAD! and the idiot who posted this get a life seriously man posting the stupidiest thing ever waste my time


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