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    Author Topic: 666 source, client and cache  (Read 2961 times)

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    Offlineshabba 56

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    666 source, client and cache
    « on: September 21, 2015, 04:46:11 AM »
    Here is Ophion 666

    This was released on r-s but not on mopars so I have gotten the links before it got taken down to post on here for people to share as the owners are trying to sell for $50 per copy when one of there coders released it.

    Content List
    Distractions & Deversions:
    Shooting Stars
    Evil Trees
    Sandwich lady (Random Event)
    Dr Jekyll (Random Event)

    Dungeoneering System:
    *Multi Floor Dungeon support
    *Small, Medium, Large Dungeon Support
    *Duel Player Dungeoneering Support
    *NPC Spawns In dungeoneering
    *Dungeoneering NPC Combat Scripts
    *Full Dungeoneering Shop with all Items Buyable with Effects

    Construction System:
    *Full P,O,H System
    *Supports all rooms
    *Supports all plants, objects, items
    *Supports Multi Floors

    Grand Exchange:
    *Supports All Buy-able items
    *Custom Buy-ables such as "Ava's accumilator"
    *Player to player System
    *Resorce Items Instantly Buy E,G: "Nails, Planks, Buckets, Ropes etc"
    *Full Prices according to The RS3 Prices
    *Update Bar updating
    *Collection Box

    *Warriors Guild
    Fight Caves (63 Waves)
    Dicing (Works like the duel arena Except the dice decides who wins automaticly on a countdown)
    Barrows Minigame
    Duel Arena
    Clan Wars
    FFA Zone

    Monster Dungeon Spawns & Teleportation:
    *Taverly Dungeon
    *Brimhaven Dungeon
    *Ice Plateau (Wilderness)
    *Fremennik Dungeon
    *Kalphite Dungeon
    *Ancient Cavern
    *Slayer tower (1,2,3 Floors)

    Bosses Ingame with a teleport:
    *Ice Strykewyrms
    *Tormented Demons
    *Kalphite lair
    *Dagganoth lair
    *Corporeal beast
    *Jadinko lair
    *King Black dragon
    *General Graardor
    *Kree Araa
    *Commander Zilyana
    *K'rl (Zammorak)

    *Swept Away
    *Recipie for Disaster
    *Helpless lawgof
    *Lunar diplomacy
    *Catch the bunny
    *Desert Treasure

    Item Degrading:

    Miscellaneous Content:
    *Grave Selection
    *Grave timing
    *Grave Disapeiring
    *Vote Point Store
    *Gold Point Store
    *Achievemt Store
    *Loyalty Store (Correct Interface)
    *Star Dust Store
    *Trivia Store
    *Ability to change XP Rate Ingame (For a heafty Cost)
    *Bob's Repair store (Costs to repair)

    Joris - Rune-Server
    Tyluur - Rune-Server
    _Reece - Rune-Server
    _Jamal - Rune-Server
    Seppe - Rune-Server
    Lazarus - Rune-Server
    Big Shot - Rune-Server

    There are a few bugs and incomplete code, there is more than one place on the client and source to change the ip so use eclipse or netbeans to run this works on mac also, I take no credit for this i'm simply uploading it.

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    Originally Posted by I r Tom
    you fail harder then fat kids on bikes.:trollface:


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    Re: 666 source, client and cache
    « Reply #1 on: September 21, 2015, 07:55:56 AM »
    thanks,  i hope it is good :D

    Offlineshabba 56

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    Re: 666 source, client and cache
    « Reply #2 on: September 29, 2015, 01:22:23 AM »
    I have a fix for the exp selector if anyone is having trouble fixing it feel free to leave a pm 
    Originally Posted by I r Tom
    you fail harder then fat kids on bikes.:trollface:


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