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--- Quote from: R0fl k0ed on November 25, 2009, 11:18:29 PM ---Hello all, I have been hosting this server for about a week.
I coded this server for months before i finally decided to open it.
Well now that i have opened it to play i really don't feel like coding it anymore. The base is z508 and it is just to dam buggy so i am just gonna release it.
Don't get me wrong this server is very good. I have spend a lot of time working on it and fixing a lot of the bugs in z508.
I did convert it to load from a 525 cache. I will list many of the features on the server and all the things i fixed as well below.

Current features:
-Fixed a lot of the PvP
-Added all PvP interfaces
-100% Working Clan Chat
-Normal and Ancient Spells working
-Lunar spells about 50%
-Full Miasmic
-Edgeville 1v1 Pking
-Varrock Multi PvP Pking
-Deep Wilderness Pking
-Mage Bank Pking
-Bounty Hunter is now 100%
-Started on Clan wars not yet done
-All spells need runes
-80% Potions work correctly
-95% Weapons and Specials
-Split Private Messaging
-Near Perfect banking
-Drop Items on Death
-Perfect PvP Drops
-Working Teleblock
-Teletabs working
-Protect item
-Working Pray on PvP and PvN
-Correct requirements for items
-100% Correct Wildy Levels
-Fixed some Major bugs
-Added Most Special and Player attack on NPC's
-Added Full Godwars with kill count
-Added KBD
-Added google's Fight Pits
-Redid Trading
-Added Full Bank Noting
-Kalphalite Queen works 100% (Changes Forms)
-Added Kalphalite Lair leading to KQ
-Player follows you when in combat
-Working on AutoCast System
-Added Server Crash Report
-Added many correct NPC's to their Correct places
-Rune Crossbow fully working
-Added All (e) bolts working
-Dragonfire Shield with Operate works
-WoodCutting 70%
-Mining Works 70%
-Agility Works 50%
-Withdraw All but One works
-Fixed Wildy Interfaces 100% (Skulls and Level Id's)
-Added PvNPC combat besides spec and range
-Added Thieving Stalls
-Fixed x logging by not letting log out in combat
-Friends list loading and saving
-Wildy is correct in Every place
-Fixed Friends List Loading and Saving
-Godwars NPC's 100%
-Added Godwars NPC Kill count 100%
-Added Box Armour sets
-All Amulet of Glorys (Even (t) teleport home)
-Dragon Bracelet Teleports to Fight Pits
-Ring of Dueling Teleports to Duel Arena
-Added Every single Bone with burying
-Added Almost every food item healing now
-Godwars 100% now
-Added Basic cooking (1 item at a time)
-Added some basic smelting
-Added Flax picking
-Added Stringing flax
-Fixed tons of little bugs/glitches
-Fixed safe spots in wildy where they should be (ex: Clan Wars)
-Inferno Adze working (Can Woodcut and Mine)
-Fixed error when logout your height gets reset to 0, so no more nulled accounts
-Fixed Objects loading (Did not load correctly on z508)
-Added Shops
-Added Many Item Prices
-Added PvP World Manual
-Added Godsword Assembly
-Fixing Godwars NPC Kill count for some reason it stopped working
-Added PvNPC Combat
-Added Ranging vs NPC
-Added Corp Beast (Not the one in Tutorials)


There is no anti-leech on this because leechers will still find a way to leech anyways but there is one problem that needs to be fixed.
I added PvNPC and now PvP only works half way.

Admins commands

::banuser (username)
::unbanuser (username)
::jail (username)
::unjail (username)
::teleto (username)
::teletome (username)
::teleto (coords)
::kill (username)
::yell(has the littile admin crown)
Alot more

Mod commands
::teleto (username)
::muteuser (username)
::unmuteuser (username)
::yell(has littile mod crown)
Alot more i forgot.


Owner gear ::ownergear

Admin gear ::admingear

Mod gear ::modgear

Magic shop

Woodcutting shop

Ranging shop

Multipvp ::multipvp

Pvp ::pvp

Cook ::cook

Woodcutting ::wcing

Slayer tower ::slayertower


Pk gear for normal players ::pkgear you can change items if you want.

Owner commands ::ownercommands

Mod commands ::modcommands

Thieve ::thieve

Corporeal beast ::corp

Duel arena ::duel

Flax ::flax

Gwd ::godwars

Kq has the maze ::kq

Admin commands ::admincommands

Server download link
Client download link(ip is already)

If you download this Click run world 1 casue run world 2 doesnt connect to your ip!
Idk wat ip it connects to!
Thank you!


me 25%
demon from brutescape(coded hes soruce up a bit like adding alot of stuff) 50%
z508base 25%

V2 comming soon

V2 features

Add RuneCrafting
Add FULL Woodcutting
Add FULL Cooking
Add Agility Emotes
Add FULL Mining
Add FULL Warriors Guild
Make Slayer Tower with tasks
Add 100% Dueling
Fix Morrigan Javelin and Axe
Fix Bank Tabs for 525
Fix Npc Noclip, And a method to keep npcs from walking on each other.
Redo Clan Wars
Fix deposit X
Fix withdraw X
Fix Trading offer all and offer X
Add NPC dialouge
Fix NPC Trade or NPC Bank option (NPC option 2)
Make Mage short drain spec when used

--- End quote ---

best server go for V2

is this project insanity?


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