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Welcome Moparscape.

This Is My Second Beginner Tutorial And If This Doesnt Help You In Anyway Then Do Not Hate Comment!

The Blank Source Is A 317 Delta Scape.
The Blank Client Is A 317 Delta Client.

I Will Be Answering Any Questions To Get You Started On Your Very Own RuneScape Private Server.

Source And Client Package:
I Take No Credit What So Ever For The Blank / Clean DeltaScape.
All Credit Goes To: RunMoney God [Senior Member]

If You Request Some Pictures Im Happy To Upload Them.

Basic Blank Source Very Very Easy To Code!!!


How To Make Your Self Owner/Administrator/Moderator/Donator:

To Make Yourself A Member Of Staff From A Range Of The Following Above Then Simply Do This:

To Make Yourself Owner:

Step One:
Open Up The Blank Source File That I Have Uploaded.
Step Two:
Find A File Called "Characters".
Step Three:
Run The Server And Client
Step Four:
Login To The Server With Any Username And Password You Want.
Step Five:
Logout And Go Back To Source File, "Characters".
Step Six:
Find The .Txt File That Has A Title With Your Username On It.
Step Seven:
Find A Line That Says Player Rights:
Change The Following:
"Character-Rights = 0"
Change The "0" To Which Ever Of The Following You Want:
Normal Player: "0"
Moderator: "1"
Administrator: "2"
Owner/Co-Owner: "3"
Hidden Administrator: "4"
Donator: "5"
To Change Donator Another Way Find A Line In The .Txt Files Called:
"Character-isMember: "0"
Change The "0" To "1"

How To Make Yourself Access The ::NoClip And Other Commands With Out Being Banned.

Step One:
Open Client.Java As A Text / Notepad File.
Step Two:
Press The Buttons: Ctrl + H.
Step Three:
In The "Replace" Text Box Type In: YourNameHere.
In The "Replace With" Text Box Type In: "Owner" [Or What Ever Your UserName Is That You Changed The "Character-Rights" To 3]
Step Four:
Save The File "Client.Java"
Step Five:
Compile Your Server.

How To Compile Your Server:
Step One:
Double Click On The Windows Batch File Called Either "Build" Or "Compile" In The Source File.
Step Two:
Your All Done.
Topic With Compiling Code: =

Note: If You Get An Error In The Compiler That Says: "System Cannot Find The Path Specified" Read My Other Topic I Posted For Beginner Compiling And Copy And Paste The Code Into Your Compiler.
Note: To Copy And Paste The Code Into Your Compiler You Will Need To Right Click On The File "Compiler" Or "Build" .Windows Batch File, Find A Button Called "Edit" In Your Menu You That The Right Click Brings Up. It Should Open The Compiler As A .Txt / Notepad File, Paste In The Code From My Compiling Topic

If You Need Any Other Help Like Changing Server Name From "YourServerNameHere" To "RuneScape" [Or What Ever You Want Your Server To Be Called] Just Comment Below And Also Rep++ Me You Can.

Thanks For Reading I Hope I Helped!!!

From this release thread, this looks like it's going to be crap. I would recommend straightening this thread up a little more, making it a lot cleaner, and neater.


--- Quote from: Ix Soulcist xI on April 10, 2012, 06:13:46 AM ---From this release thread, this looks like it's going to be crap. I would recommend straightening this thread up a little more, making it a lot cleaner, and neater.

--- End quote ---
*In What Way Can I Do This?

*cough* BBCodes *cough*

Any idea why whenever I open up any client, it wont leme press tab or click on password to input it? Also, how do I change the name for the server?


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