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google V2.0 [Hunter,IceCave Minigame,Investements Dclaw Spec!] -- Aintaro
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bro , i like ur server very much 100/1 lolz ;D... but i need help whit something- like, how can i make so mods and admins can jail player,unjail?ban,unban,and more :confused:... can u send me answer in hotmail? ;;;[email protected]             Add me!
thx :) :P
 :\ Awesome I would rep++ but 2 problems I can't I don't have 15 rep and you have max rep :P Oh I have a question it says googles created by Antario and someone else :| how do I change that? :P ive been looking for a while also when i go in commands my admins are like really pissed because they cant do barely anything :o I made yell for mod plus so they feel a bit special lol :\ can i just like plug in there names by mine? I'm going to try now :P
the ground is all black on islands and some place at home x_X how do i fix it ??
im having trouble with agility woodcutting and firemaking i try to cut a tree and nothing happens firemaking says coming soon and agility does same as woodcutting go to click a log or whatever he just stands there
Hey I need help, all the .bat files say " Java " is not found or something.
My java messed up and I deleted it and reinstalled it but Its still happening, can you give me a new commands for the .bat files to run server and load client, my current java file is located in C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe

I would really appreciate it as I REALLYYYYY wanna play this server !
Wilderness World:
well i try to run up the server for the first time but it only says this

nick lol.txt
press any key to continue help?
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