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- React system
- Auto Voting
- Get 4 voting points & 5M
- Auto Donation
- Killing streak
- Perfect Npc Drop Rate
- All npc Drop 100%
- Drop party system
- Ring of wealth drop rate is 3%
- Regular players get 5 pkp points per kills
- Ring of vigour works 100% with special attacks
- dfs working 100%
- Dragon points shops
- Dragon give you dragon points to use in shops type::dlair to get there in game.
- Basket of eggs working 100%

What do we have, that other servers don't?

-Active Staff
-Regular Player Can Yell
-Assistants and Veteran statu
-Donator/Super Donator island
-Corp Beast
-Tormented demons
- At least 20 players on a day that are willing to help YOU.
- Server has been up for 1 weeks
- Players from all around the world!
- Custom Maps!
- Custom PK Areas!- Custom Items such as Wings,Cape,Phat,H'ween,Whips,Shield & Swords
- Working curses,
- Overloads
- Chaotics
- Korasi's sword
- Handcannon + working special attack,
- Torva, Primal + Primal wepeans
- Elemental infinity (Air, Fire, Earth, Water)
- Colored Whips & Dark Bow
- Friendly and Active Owner!

Donator Benefits!

- Regular Donors get unlimited yell & ::bank
- Super Donors get unlimited yell and ::bankall
- Super Donors and Regular Donors get to go to Donator Island
- 2 Free Rares 1 Regular item from the donor chest
- Regular Donator drop rate is 10% without ring of wealth. with ring of wealth is 13 %
- Super Donator drop rate is 20% without ring of wealth. with ring of wealth is 23 %
- Regular Donator get 10 pkp points per kills
- Super Donator get 15 pkp points per kills
- custom boss like, torva, forgottten warrior, 24k torva, aiyana
- menu
- Donator & super donator get to add 10 food to their inventory for free

Fixes - 31
Fix farming & Herblore at new skilling area
Fix bank pin set. type ::setpin in game.
Fix email set.  type ::setemail in game.
Fix prayers.
Fix duel dupe
Fix Agility at the skill area just climb-down ladder at skill
Fix crown for the helper rank
Fix rock crab drop crystal keys type ::train to get their
Fix Vestas' long sword drop from Chaos Elemental
Fix bug from level point shops
Fix basket of eggs
Fix Ring of Wealth
Fix so you can add custom npc.
Fix npc facing
Fix lootshare working 100%
Fix dicing system working 100%
Fix npc making them fight normal and not wired
Fix mining you now can dragon pickaxe
Fix godsword making them dismantle.43.
Fix exchange 2 Billion Gp into ticket(s).
Fix Brutal whip blue status.
Fix LootShare on auto clan joining.
Fix yell for players needing 150 kills to yell requirement.
Fix killing streak
Fix Raw Cod on the range.
Fix crown on clan message for co-owner & mod.
Fix Third-age Druidic wreath slot.
Fix all npc drop rates working 100% complete.
Fix Ring of Vigour
Fix Ban Commands

Additions  66
Added Ring of Flying
Added Bank PIN
Added Setemail
Added Double Xp Ring
Added Torva Npc at donator island
Added 4 new portal at donator island
Added donator wings Donator only
Added Weed cape Donator only
Added different color santa hats
Added bank at donator islands
Added range at donator islands
Added fishing spot at donator islands
Added pk chest points
Added Forgotten warrior
Added Bork
Added Nex
Added auto donation system.
Added a teleport to tele to the wolf to start on summoning.
Added reggae wings & reggae claws.
Added Dragon lairs
Added Dragon point shop
Added status to custom items.
Added npc boss & drop at barrows
Added God wars & tele type ::god1 ::god2 ::god3 ::god4 in game to get too god wars
Added a faster way to level your dungeoning just type::dung in game to get there
Added dangerous pk type::pk in game 
Added Auto update cache working 100%
Add items show on death
Added noclip commands
Add a New skills aera type ::skills to get their
Added Frost teleport at new home.
All teleport npc drop now.
Added a new rank called Helper
Add Auto Joining clan.
Added tutorials to help new players out in game.
Added so new players can pick there own starter.
Added Giant Roc at King Black Dragon
Added reggae wings for donator only.
- Increase forgotten warrior hit rate making drain players prayer point by 22
- Forgotten warrior have 4 hit point must kill him 4 for him to die..
Added in game high-score
Added "::getid" wings.
Added "::getprice" wings.
Added "::price" itemid itemprice.
Added 'King percival' for players title
Added "::title" commands for players
Added "::myshops" & "::collect"
Added 100m Check, 1 billion check, 2 billion check to the server.
Added reward for kill streak system. type ::ks ingame.
Added Pk master title type ::redskull
Added UIDBAN Commands
Added Join Dates
Regular Donator drop rate is now 10% without ring of wealth. with ring of wealth is 12 %
Super Donator drop rate is now 20% without ring of wealth. with ring of wealth is 22 %
Donator gets too now add 10 food to their inventory for free.
Donator gets too Restore their prayer anywhere ingame by type ::menu.
Donator can now open their bank on their menu.
Added in cheat client protection for cheat client user.
Added Automatic Double EXP Weekend
Added player online RSInterface
Added Show item/object/npc ids by command by type ::ids.
New Bosses
Added 24k torva at donator island.
Added Aiyana at donator island.
Regular player get 5 pkp  per kills
Donator get 10 pkp per kills
Super Donator 15 pkp per kills

Changes  13
Change Donator zone to donator island
Change skills area type ::skills in game.
change pk point shop.(make it better)
change donator point shop (make it better)
Change Server name from Exo-pk to Killer-PK
Change All Rank Crowns.
Change the Dungeoneering title to Killer-Pk
Change hunting spot to a different one by entering the command "::hunter"
Change some point values of items in shops. Slayer/Vote/Lv. Point.
Change Donator Chest items to rares.
Change Torva Drop Rates
Change Announcement in game
Change ring of wealth % to 3% better drop rate when wearing ring of wealth.

Removals  5
Remove experience lamp from Slayer point store.
Remove message box from thieving.
Removal of some items from shops.
Remove summoning teleport from Skills area
Remove Option from Mage of Zamorak

Total: 115



Good Luck Guys need help add me on skype>>>>>>>>>>>Skype: Jrummusic

unique boss:

is there a working ring that has ame effect as perfect ring or one hit weapon


yes type::ownerring

unique boss:

ohh i cant run the source


you need jdk

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