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--- Quote from: angelofdeath396 on August 20, 2012, 07:12:06 PM ---I need help. How do I make myself owner?

And it is VERY laggy, so how do I make it not lagg and be smooth?

--- End quote ---

Still need help PLEASE!
Dear DragonKK And Others,

I recently downloaded this source and client, but it appears that I get a error.
As I run the Source ;

As I run the Client ;

If anyone out there reading this could help me please do, contact me via
Skype; DanielHarris109

Kind Regards, Daniel

Second Page, I think not.

as for Pl0xz-pker.

The client cannot connect to your server and therefore give you that error, When you get the source to run only then will the client comply and start to work.
I've fixed my error with RUN MATRIX but as for the client, I attempt to load it but is gives me the same error.
Someone help, Skype- Danielharris109
He is a 562 legend. he is the one who made it load to 639!
even the server "corruptionx" wouldn't be in this stage if it wasn't him..
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