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wow 69 errors without even changing a thing?

Almost Hippo:

--- Quote from: slyf1 on April 28, 2011, 02:36:40 PM ---wow 69 errors without even changing a thing?

--- End quote ---
Haha 69

Hey quick question.. GREAT SERVER! and also, how can i create a command like ::rules  or ::commands..

also, if i make someone a mod how can i make a command for only them that shows them the commands?

ylly powns:
Isn't this just ShadowX and then re-named? Sorry if I am wrong, I probably didn't readed the whole thread carefully.. But it still looks like.. Anyways goodjob!

hey Marc I want to add a couple customs, but I don't know how, all the tuts say open up and the client doesn't have one... also, there isn't a model folder... how can i add customs? .. thanks


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