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Project Fubergen Client v7 Alpha

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Sir roju:

Project Fubergen client v7 Alpha  [OPEN]

Well Project Fubergen is back with their new client. The PF v6 wasn't very popular, such as v5. Now we took again step to better client, and now we are releasing this Alpha version, what aren't Full version. The beta version is currently on working and we might release that for public use. Of course this is Open source. When installing this client, read those licence agreement carefully. We putted serial thing to installer, so you need register your client with serial key. These serial keys is only posted on r-server and maybe on moparscape.So dont sell client with serials. The client comes in .msi file. If you dont trust us and you think theres virus in, Then dont waste time for this.

Serial keys


Note: If you got problem with serials, contact us

[*]- All skillcapes, except hunter
[*]- New loading and connection lost bar
[*]- Jframe with menu
[*]- Music in client (u can put your favorite music)
[*]- New Hairstyles and clothes.
[*]- Nonrenamed with 377 cache
[*]- Fixed Prayer bug (freezed client, not enough)
[*]- Port and ip Changer in menu
[*]- Screenshot button
[*]- Vengeance works
[*]- More options for themes from client's icon
[*]- Note:Choosing different themes? Just click Fubergen's icon
[*]- All Previous version's features are in this version too
[*]- new hp bar
[*]- Chat filter
[*]- Reshape minimap [Square]
[*]- Edited sprites
[*]- Client tells, when update available
[*]- music menu deleted, Music buttons added
[*]- Custom crowns
[*]- Scrollbar fixed
[*]- Renamed Gui
[*]- 3rd armours
[*]- All God's swords
[*]- Lots of custom items, recolored items

Latest new in v4.2
[*]- Added fully working client's loader
[*]- Stopmenu fixed...very simple
[*]- System.exit thing removed
[*]- Unzipper
[*]- Updated music player
[*]- Updated
Latest new in v4.3 beta
[*]- Updated Chatbox frame
[*]- fixed some sprites
[*]- New chatbox buttons(click areas + writing)

Latest new in v4.3 [not gonna release]
[*]- Some Bug fixed
[*]- deleted some unneeded things

Latest new in v4.4

[*]- Added New Admin Crown
[*]- Theme changer from v1.2 (Recustomized)
[*]- ZOOMER [added back]
[*]- Interface add-on: Buy 20 (Thx for  Reaper)
[*]- Updater in jmenu now
[*]- Some prites from 4.2
[*]- Added noclip to jmenu, lol   
[*]- FileUpdater works now - Update From jmenu
[*]  Explaining lil. Fileupdater is new update for fubergen client that tells,
[*]  "if" theres new java/class files,etc for download and it tells the name of file

Latest New in v5

[*]- Server Pinger
[*]- Added Favourite servers menu
[*]Latest New in v6[/list]
[*]- Special thanks for Danno
[*]- Ingame Hp Changer
[*]- More Modern Add Models system
[*]- Lots of features in Extra jmenu
[*]- New gameframe with wings :d
[*]- All updaters removed!
[*]- Cursor

[*]News in V7 Alpha

[*]- 474 Gameframe
[*]- Theres some new prayers
[*]- Clickable buttons working
[*]- Option tab working [474]
[*]- Emote tab working [474]
[*]- Equipment stat works [ you must modify in server side]
[*]- buy "x" working [you mustmodify in server side]
[*]- Log out door works
[*]- Orb filling works
[*]- Autotalker in client [thanks for bluur]
[*]- Color changer [thanks for bluur]
[*]- run orb isin't 100% perfect but works
[*]- Clan chat
[*]- New cursors Fixed lil - now cursors doesnt replace to standard when your cursor is above jframe menu - ( thanks for cocoa )
[*]- "add all models" added to jframe menu

Note: to make work clan chat, option tab, prayers etc, you must configure them in server side

- Fixed lil Cocoa's Cursor - now cursors doesnt replace to standard when your cursor is above jframe menu -

v7 Alpha[/URL]

Most thanks goes for Bluurs
Ricscape client v8.5's factors
Background created by IPhoenix
Java for themes
Enurscape For server's selection codes [I modified it for my client ]
Danno   - Most New jframe features from dannos client [i just non renamed them and modified for my client]

Client base PF v6

Map fix

search in

int l2 = 464 - ((Class30_Sub2_Sub4_Sub1) (aClass30_Sub2_Sub4_Sub1_Sub2_1126)).anInt1551 / 32;
Change it for this

for (int x = 0; x < anIntArray1229.length; x++){
anIntArray1229[x] = 170;
anIntArray1052[x] = -23;



First post Good work.


Looks good, downloading for sure!, thx m8

Sir roju:


k0ed u:

great work. definately downloading. and Rep++

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