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i love this release at first had some problems with the gwd bosses not respawning but i have since fixed that slayer i have fixed and not even started on the manager thing yet looking into why my fight caves wont work wave 1 works wave 2 goes to load then get errors it wont load error comes up with entity sumin cant remmeber because im at my dads house and server files are at mine lol does anyone else have a problem with fight caves if so what is your error thanks

oman luuki:
Just downloaded this server, never ran one before, gonna give it a go :D
Will report back.

This is combatx,

If fox doesn't want to answer questions don't bother him hes released a nice source and if you don't know how to work it don't make a rsps with this source!


I want to say quite a few things about this server but for now I want to keep it quick. For the last 4 days I have been practicing and editing this server for a single player service. I have so far "Turned on" around 15 NPC's and fixed various items. I must say that this is the best source I have played with, and it is most likely the best base for editing. I don't know what portion you did in this king_fox but I have to admit you have done an amazing job. I know I will continue to edit until I believe I have made the game an amazing rpg and your name will be added in whatever credits the game gets.

Now I have a few Tips and Questions. Answer and use whatever you can.

Tip1(Fix): You need a second compiler for the dialogues. The server compiler seems to not enjoy doing it. Create a copy and change the source to : src/com/rs/game/player/dialogues/impl

Tip2(Loc): The files you need the most are located src/com/rs/net/encoders/handlers    These files control the spawning, teleporting, placement, and tying together bits of code.

Tip3(Com):Get a java compiler and updated java. This is very important for editing. You can use wordpad and the batch compilers but commercial services work much better, I prefer JCreator Pro.

Tip4(Edit):Delete all the donator restrictions. It is very simple and there is not much to deal with. It gives you a good chance to learn your way through this code and definitely gives you a head start when it gets more difficult.

Question1: Various dungeons in this game work. I hope to believe that every bit of the map is here but a large portion of the ladders, stairs, and holes do not work. I have figured that the code for ladder and stair teleport is in the handlers but for a large portion of working dungeons the up ladder is usually broken and will teleport you above the ladder and glitch you out (refusing to load the above ground). Where the down ladders work fine. I have tried various teleports and have come to the conclusion that it is the ladder, that is glitching or a piece of code it is missing. If you know a quick fix I would be happy so I would not have to spend another 5 hours playing with code.

Question2: Were is the map data stored? This seems impossible due to the fact there is no code relating to vannila object placement. Such as doors, walls, graphics, roofing, and nonpassage tiles (such as water or brick). All I found relating to it would be the "Archive Keys", which are useless to me currently and the Button handler, which is no help. What is the simple way of editing or fixing maps.

Question3: Do you have any code for getting player X,Y and telling me whenever I ask. Would be much simpler compared to the getobject X,Y.

I Wana say thanks King_Fox for making this base, looks like it took a ton of time and effort due to the amount of code here and the graphics were excellently hacked. Would have been difficult without you. :D ;) :D :D

What file(s) do we edit to change the IP? I searched (localhost) and changed all those IPs to my Hamachi IP, but I only found them in the client (Foxtrot 718), none in the server (RuneEvo v3), and AFTER I compiled I ran the server, then compiled client, then ran it and when I logged in it STILL shows I logged in on localhost, same with my friends, same exact everything just we are always logging into the localhost, for reference, I changed (all in  the client - Foxtrot BTW):,, and Please help ASAP, thanks! (P.S. I am using port 43595 for all ports, but I am NOT portforwarding, I don't think I need to, but ya.) Thanks again!


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