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[718/753] Rune-Evo v3 - It's finally here! Content packed!
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download the server(comes with cache), download the foxtrot client ,top of page one, extract both, "Rune-Evo v3" & "Foxtrot 718 Client" to the same folder as each other, run server, after port connects, run issues here, i would like to know about the "" file that is in tools, can i really create my own potions or is that to make herb work.
An issue I've come up with the Rune-Evo client.
The ";;Remove" command is not working correctly for some reason, I would execute the command after you examine the object you wish to remove. It will visually remove the item from the game. But the minute i update my server for a server update, the objects in which i had thought were removed, reappear. Anyone got any leads on that?
rune-evo is the server and source, foxtrot is the client, but i don't know if i can help you, i think there is a file that lists all the npc and objects that are to spawn, they should have they're X, Y, Z loc's beside them, if you know the x, y & z for that object then you can search and remove, save, compile, or if its an unpacked file, then move the packed version to desktop(as backup), then run server, if the packed file is missing, the server should try to pack the unpacked version, allowing your changes to take effect ingame, i hope this helps, i am not the best at rsps, and i am a fresh noob, when it comes to Java.
Does anyone know where I can find a working map editor for this?
how can i find item null codes? want to spawm drygore stuff but they are null codes.

plzzz help me
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