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Well, since it's basically been released in multiple places figured I'd release it. If you've read the project thread you know what it has.

Ryan has moved onto OSRemake again, and yeah who cares anymore.

Also, I suppose this will help the community a bit so why be stuck up about it. =]

Video on how to set up the server:

Credits to all who have worked on it at some point:

Brian (Myself)

This 459 is created on Hyperion. This stable and Unique base will take us a step forward, and greatly increase the amount of players we can hold without lag. There will be no "Main Developer" or "Side Developer", as me and Scully are both equal in this project. Recently S Quare Quxx has joined in on this project aswell. ;)

Scully and S Quare Quxx quit -.-, guess I'm on my own here...
Me and 'Ecstasy are now doing the project ;).

Im the only one working on the project now, and I plan to keep it that way,Everyone else quit, and I feel more comfortable this way. ;)

Why this is different than the other remakes?

Well for one, we are basically the first 459 private server that has ever been playable before.
Sure there are 459's in the download section, but have you ever seen one hosted...?
We stride for perfection, there will NEVER be a half made feature in our remake.
We are also based off the 459 deob, loading a real 459 cache. This is not another Horribly conducted 317 client.

There will be no custom interfaces, items, npcs, emotes, or anything of that sort. The only things you will find in here are the ones in the 459 cache.


     Npc Loading [*]Spawning
     [*]PERFECT Combat
     [*]Clipped Walking
     [*]Clipped Following
        Combat [*]Npc Combat
      [*] Following
      [*] Facing
      [*] Clipping
      [*] This monster is already in combat
   Player Combat [*] Clipped Following
      [*] Facing
      [*] 1v1
      [*] Multi
      [*] Skulling System
    Banking [*] Item saving
       [*] Noting support
       [*] Storing & withdrawing (1,5,10,X,All)
       [*] Re Arranging with saving positions
       [*] Deposit Boxes
    Trading [*] Anti-Dupe System
       [*] Confirm screen
       [*] Offering & Removing (1,5,10,X,All)
       [*] Other players available inventory slots
    Music[*] Music in certain areas
    Quest points [*] Adding points up when quest is finished
        F2P Quest Progress [*] Black Knight's Fortress
        [*] Cook's Assistant
        [*] Demon Slayer
        [*] Doric's Quest
        [*] Dragon Slayer
        [*] Ernest the Chicken
        [*] Goblin Diplomacy
        [*] Imp Catcher
        [*] The Knights Sword
        [*] Pirate's Treasure
        [*] Prince Ali Rescue
        [*] The Restless ghost
        [*] Romeo & Juliet
        [*] Rune Mysteries
        [*] Sheep Shearer
        [*] Shield of Arrav
        [*] Vampire Slayer
        [*] Witch's Potion[/list]
        Members Quests Finished [*] 100% Lost City
    Mini-Games [*] Fight Caves
   [*] Fight Pits
   [*] Duel Arena
   [*] Pest Control
   [*] Castle Wars
   [*] Warrior's Guild
   [*] Barrows
   [*] Barbarian Assault
     Skills [*] Agility [*]Influence how long you'll be able to Run.
        [*] Failing Obstacles
        [*] Restoring Your Energy
        [*] Gnome Agility Course
        [*] Skullball
        [*] Agility Pyramid
        [*] Penguin Agility Course
        [*] Barbarian Outpost Course
        [*] Brimhaven Agility Arena
        [*] Monkey Agility Course
        [*] Wilderness Agility Course
        [*] Werewolf Fetch Game
        [*] Yanille Agility Dungeon
        [*] Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course
        [*] Gaining Tickets
        [*] Rewards
     [*] Construction [*] Stat-Boosting Items
        [*] Servants
        [*] Flatpacks
        [*] Gardens
        [*] Parlours
        [*] Kitchens
        [*] Dining Rooms
        [*] Workshops
        [*] Bedrooms
        [*] Skill Halls
        [*] Games Rooms
        [*] Combat Rooms
        [*] Quest Halls
        [*] Studies
        [*] Menageries
        [*] Costume Rooms
        [*] Chapels
        [*] Portal Chambers
        [*] Formal Gardens
        [*] Throne Rooms
        [*] Oubliette
        [*] Dungeon Rooms
        [*] Treasure Rooms
        [*] Real Estate Agents
        [*] Sawmill Operator
        [*] Stonemason
        [*] Garden Supplier
        [*] Herald (Sir Renitee)
        [*] Taxidermist
 [*] Cooking [*]Helpful Drinks
        [*] Cooking Gauntlets
        [*] All Fish
        [*] All Foods
 [*] Crafting [*]Pottery
        [*] Leather
        [*] Snakeskin Armor
        [*] Dragonhide Leather
        [*] Jewelry
        [*] Weaving
        [*] Glass Making
        [*] Battle Staffs
        [*] Spinning
 [*] Farming [*]Obtaining Seeds
        [*] Farming Tools
        [*] Farming Plots
        [*] Preparing Plots
        [*] Growing Your Crops
        [*] Protecting Your Plants
        [*] Produce Containers
        [*] Other Events & Items
 [*] Firemaking [*] All Logs
        [*] Lanterns
        [*] Firelighters
        [*] Clipped Autowalk
        [*] Other Items
 [*] Fishing [*] Fishing Gear
        [*] Catching Fish
        [*] Fishing Guild
        [*] Random Events
 [*] Fletching [*] Fletching Arrows
        [*] Fletching Bows
        [*] Fletching Crossbows
        [*] Darts
   [*] Composite Bow & Brutal Arrows
   [*] Bolts
 [*] Herblore [*] Obtaining Herbs
        [*] Obtaining Vials
   [*] Creating Potions
   [*] Combining & Emptying Potions
   [*] Greenman's Ale
   [*] Cleaning Herbs
   [*] All Ingredients
   [*] All Potions
   [*] Exchanging Goutweed
   [*] Sinister Chest
 [*] Hunter [*] Hunting Equipment
        [*] Hunting Areas
   [*] Birds
   [*] Butterflies
   [*] Deadfall Traps
   [*] Box Traps
   [*] Net Traps
   [*] Pitfall Traps
   [*] Falconry
   [*] Imps
   [*] Rabbits
   [*] Lassoing
   [*] Hunter Clothing
 [*] Mining [*] Mining All Ores
   [*] Obtaining Gems
   [*] Dwarven Stouts
   [*] Mature Stouts & Beer
   [*] Braindeath Rum
   [*] Pickaxe Requirements
   [*] Limestone
   [*] Rune Essence
   [*] Blurite
   [*] Elemental
 [*] Prayer [*] Stat-Boosting Altars
   [*] Bone burying
   [*] Ectofuntus
   [*] Protect Prayers
   [*] Amulets & Symbols
   [*] Prayers
   [*] Clothing
   [*] Maces & Other Weapons
   [*] Prayer Books
   [*] Having Symbols Blessed
 [*] Runecrafting [*] Runecrafting Pouches
   [*] Rune Essence
   [*] Pure Rune Essence
   [*] Talismans
   [*] Tiaras
   [*] Runecrafting Altars
   [*] Abyss
   [*] Crafting Runes
 [*] Slayer [*] Slayer Masters
        [*] Low level Tasks
        [*] Medium level Tasks
   [*] High level Tasks
   [*] The Enchanted Gem
   [*] Ring of Slayer
   [*] Equipment
   [*] Slayer Dungeons
 [*] Smithing [*] Dwarven Stouts
   [*] Mature Stouts & Beer
   [*] Smelting Ores
   [*] Smelting with Magic
   [*] Ring of Forging
   [*] Smithing Gauntlets
   [*] Smithing Bronze
   [*] Smithing Blurite
   [*] Smithing Iron
   [*] Smithing Elemental
   [*] Smithing Steel
   [*] Smithing Mithril
   [*] Smithing Adamant
   [*] Smithing Rune
 [*] Thieving [*] Helpful Drinks
   [*] Picking Pockets (All npcs & Correct Items)
   [*] Looting Market Stalls
   [*] Pick Locking
   [*] Disarming Traps
   [*] Chest Looting

 [*] Woodcutting [*] Tree Spirit
   [*] All Trees
   [*] All Axes
   [*] Machetes
   [*] Canoes
   [*] Helpful Equipment
   [*] Bird Nests

Update Log

Ive started an update log to show progress about how we are doing, you can view all the updates here.


Loaded alot of maps today, 100% Wilderness Line, along with barbarian assault maps.

Did alot of hunting type stuff, actually started the skill off to a good extent today :D.
You can defiantly be looking forward to the completed skill sometime in the near future.
Also started on a music system, Will be awesome when done.
Started barbarian assault today also, since I got the maps yesterday. Its off to a good start,
As so far Ive gotten all the Npcs added to the file.

Im really sorry about no updates recently, been very busy with other things. But Project Annihilation is getting some more updates today! :D
Since I started loading a hunting skill, I thought hunting maps were needed too. I also managed to load some Construction maps, Here is a little preview.
The last map on here is the #459 RuneScape Updated KQ map, It was in the #459 Revision so I thought it belonged in here too ;).

Finished Npc clipping, its amazing that the whole worldmap is clipped 100% huh? :D



omfg whyyy lol xD btw guys im ryan

Can we see some pics because this tells use nothing and add some information about the server.


--- Quote from: BlacknRaven on March 07, 2010, 11:06:55 PM ---Can we see some pics because this tells use nothing and add some information about the server.

--- End quote ---
Eh, good enough?

People on mopar are idiots "Pics" please seriously gtfo.


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