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iHybrid Server Release ~~Aintaro ~~

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Dear people, I had so much fun working on this server, but austin decided to hack the vps and trying to push me out of the project and let me look like a fool.:s

Thats why i'm here to tell you that i'm releasing the server, and i'm very sorry for the people that played it, but I have no other option left than releasing it and helping the community with it.

Thats All I have to say, 100% Aintaro  ~~

-TOTALEXP gainer
-face to object
-face to npc
-face to player in trading
-specleech, defenceleech, attackleech, strengthleech, rangedleech, magicleech work properly with the correct gfx and emote
-Donator area
-bank glitch fixed
-Range shop
-Thieving chest
-Red button for ticket exchange 15kea
-Full fishing added
-Frame 1 fixed
-Interface template made
-Sceptre teleporting to chaotic bosses
-Teletab can't teleport in combat
-Chest readded works perfectly
-ALL3 bosses finished
-Drops for bosses
-Bosse healing and chatting
-vls spec decreased
-Npcdrops rewritten
-chaotic rapier added to server
-Shadow sword special and bonus added
-Added full fishing
-Redid shop methods
-Updated some boards on the forums
-Chaotic Weapons
-Curse Prayers (leeches, ss, turm, etc.)
-PvP Armour
-All Spirit Shield Effects
-Fixed pk farming.

100% Working leech prayers, ofcourse the other works also.

-New bosses added , the chaotic meleer, the chaotic mager, and the chaotic ranger, these are located east of runite rocks in the wilderness.

-Our brand new chaotic rapier and shadow sword are introduced in the server

-Sceptre now teleports you into the wilderness close to the 3 bosses, you will need to sacrifie 5 pk points to get you teleported that deep in the wilderness.

[SIZE="3"]You can sell/buy items in shop.[/SIZE]

am i the only one having problem with the links?

*sigh* Your links are down. Might wanna fix that.

omfg nice dude i love ur server now plz fix the links ;D
EDIT: a got it now can u make the client with the cache in it pl0x?

links updated and should work now !



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