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Remix RSPS 317 - 634 Items, 602 NPCs, 508 Maps

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EDIT: I'm re-posting the source + client. BEFORE ANYONE READS, make sure you understand that I've given FULL credits to people I have been helped from, and NO ONE OTHER. Also, for trolls, if you post things that hate on this source, that has been included in the original post, you will be ignored, and shat on.
First off, I would like to mention that this is my very first time coding a Project Insanity. The base I used for coding this was Hybrid PvP v2. Please do not post on this thread if you are going to flame, or whine about it being bad. Please, just go troll somewhere else.
* New home, shops, and training zone.
* Quest tab has been modified to a transportation system for a more user-friendly server teleporting.
* Altars at home. (Ancients and Normal)
* New Ancient Prayers
* Fixed bank booth at home, so you can now bank there.
* Almost 100% perfect combat.
* Fixed Thieving. Before: You were pretty much spammed by randoms. Now: You only get a random around every 50 clicks.
* Minigames: Barrows, Pest Control, Fight Caves, Duel Arena, Battle Grounds (Customized minigame)
* Bosses: Godwars, Nomad, Giant Sea Snake, KBD, Dagganoth Kings
* Clan Chat
* Split Private Chat
* All skillcape emotes (Inlcuding dungeoneering)CLIENT FEATURES:
* 634 Items
* 602 NPCs
* 508 Maps
* 508 Objects
* 602 Animations
* Skillcapes have correct animations
* Ancient PrayersMEDIA:


Duel Arena:

Fight Caves:

FOG Shop:

Giant Sea Snake:




Pest Control:
Server + Client Package - Mediafire[/url]
Server + Client Package - Megaupload[/url]
HyBriDPvP - 90% (For providing me with an amazing base source)
Me, Myself, and I - 5% (For adding new home, shops, and easier teleporting)
MoparScape - 5% (For providing me with tutorials and snippets to help better my source)
IF you need any help at all that is related to this post, feel free to contact me via private messaging, or better prefered, my msn:
THANK everyone for the support, and I hope you enjoy the server!
P.S: I will be posting updated versions of the source/client, so please stay tuned in :)!


1st post!!! weeeoooo any pics??


--- Quote from: Ruffle$ on April 17, 2011, 04:43:20 PM ---1st post!!! weeeoooo any pics??

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Yes. I'm gathering them as we speak, and will upload them A.S.A.P!


YEAAA 3rd Post  ;D sounds good :) pics would be good but even without Rep+


okay cool, umm did you put any anti-leech on it?

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