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ScapeRune 513 - V10.8 OFFICIAL (OPEN)
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--- Quote from: Goodbye RS, Hello RSPS on July 31, 2009, 07:51:21 PM ---Downloads

Version 10.8 Source - 100% Open

Download Count Since September 12, 2009: 7782

Version 3.2 Client - 100% Open

Download Count Since September 12, 2009: 4296

[*]Impossible to go offline
[*]Custom models
[*]PK Points System
[*]PK Point Shop
[*]NPC Dialogue
[*]Rep System (Shows skull)
[*]Donator rank
[*]Custom item specials
[*]Log in interface
[*]NPC VS. PLAYER Combat
[*]PLAYER VS. PLAYER Combat (It's 150% like RuneScape. Even better now. ;))
[*]All buttons handled
[*]Server Console
[*]Player Saving
[*]Character Design
[*]Custom gfx
[*]All ancient magic works (no farcast)
[*]All ancient magic works (with farcast)
[*]Some normal magic
[*]Veng other
[*]Stat view
[*]Ready to add custom anims.
[*]Jad Minigame (firecape, other drag items)
[*]Mithril PK (get bender swords, other drag items)
[*]Has a PK economy (Meaning you PK for items, pk points, and cash)
[*]Basic commands
[*]Custom teleports
[*]Avatar bending skills
[*]Bounty Hunter
[*]Edge 1v1
[*]Mage Bank
[*]Varrock Team PK
[*]Dragon Claws 4 hit spec
[*]NPC Cave (get npc drops here)
[*]Dragon Claws operate
[*]Dragon fire shield spec (on operate)
[*]Special power of the dragon claws move (after beating jad minigame)
[*]Working AFK. (Timer set at 1 minute, 30 seconds)
[*]Skillcape emotes
[*]Normal emotes
[*]Air guitar uses PK Points and does an electric music move.
[*]Weapon sounds
[*]Special attack sounds
[*]Custom weapons sounds
[*]Duel Arena (with staking)
[*]Easy to start out
[*]Clan chat (Only 50%)
[*]Administrator + Moderator crowns
[*]PVP Drops
[*]Only Admin+ can use ::item
[*]Dharok effect
[*]Verac effect
[*]God wars dungeon (get godswords from here)
[*]KBD with magic + melee (get d claws from here)
[*]Starter package (only can get one per user)
[*]One connection per IP
[*]Range Void Effects
[*]Melee Void Effects
[*]Mage Void Effects
[*]D Bow Effects
[*]Working Range Projectiles
[*]Working Magic Projectiles
[*]Guthan Effect
[*]Nazi Zombie Minigame
[*]Almost 100% all magics

What we Updated:
[*]Clan chat
[*]Weapons/items/spells are not overpowered.
[*]Correct hit formulas.
[*]Dragon claw special
[*]Dragon claw attack styles
[*]HUGE stability updates (As stable as DeltaScape now o.O)
[*]New packaging
[*]Way better security system
[*]Almost 100% magics on players. On all three spell books. (Without staff)
[*]Tons more that I can't remember



(People in developement team)
- Canownueasy: Starting the project, programming, managing the project, hosting the server
- Max: Server base, ALOT of programming
- Gert (google Coder): Huge stability improvements
- Ridlas: Some programming, website manager, hoster, and coder

(People not in developement team)
- Gravediggah: Many features, me and Max just converted to fit our base
- Encouragin: Beggining server base
- Palidino76: The starting point of every 508

Comment Please
Our team worked extremely hard to create this server.

We really want to see some new servers with this base. (Considering it is extremely stable)

--- End quote ---
doesnt have ANYTHING shown in pictures. just saying...
EDIT: server restarted and now it does... lolz kewl server!
EDIT2: its very UNstable
I've always knew this is going to be best of your servers, good job BRSHRSPS :]
nice nice nice =]
Yoo dude it says use the white portal at home to go to the shops but there aint no white portal.... what the fudge ???
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