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Host Gushers:
can sum1 give me a wrkin link?


--- Quote from: Host Gushers on February 19, 2013, 07:54:05 PM ---can sum1 give me a wrkin link?

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--- Quote from: Sub-Zero;3841445 ---Found a privately developed version of RCS I've had for a while now; it includes a pretty nice infraction system (a lot of jQuery involved to make it smooth & easy to use), forum profiles, etc. I might just work on it a bit and make it a V1.5 release (even though RCS is discontinued).
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As I said. ^


RCS 1.5 is pretty much a privately developed version I'm releasing.

New features in it:

[*]Donator rank (can be given to a user)
[*]PayPal IPN system was added, but you'll have to edit it to your liking/details
[*]Infraction system
[*]Made a few changes to escalation system
[*]Forum profiles

Small previews:

Infraction system

Escalation system now supports reasons

so i go on the link:

since the runescape website link doesn't work.

but where do i download.

All there is, is this:

@gilbo -


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