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Remix RSPS 317 - 634 Items, 602 NPCs, 508 Maps

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Great server! Only the banks don't work...  :confused:
Can anyone help me out? ;)

You released this a long time ago Tutorial XD I remember because I used it for about 5 months. Sneaky little re-releasing devil  :D still love it!


--- Quote from: Tutorial on April 17, 2011, 04:38:04 PM ---EDIT: I'm re-posting the source + client. BEFORE ANYONE READS, make sure you understand that I've given FULL credits to people I have been helped from, and NO ONE OTHER. Also, for trolls, if you post things that hate on this source, that has been included in the original post, you will be ignored, and shat on.

--- End quote ---

Sounds like Shit, Ain't even mad.  ;)

Looks like you just spammed the server with NPCs.

How do i reach lol used to 317s sorry..


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