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Santa Lover:

--- Quote from: shabba 56 on March 18, 2012, 06:38:13 AM ---Thanks to anonymous1 we all got to play around with "Matrix" server since the pots in wildy / pvm didnt work here is a fix version :] for people who havent gone this far :)

Also client comes without the matrix logo :D

yes the title says it on the 1st of the month ill be posting a 709 cache so the source will now load all the new rs models items ect...

here's a preview:

Quick tut section if you wish to change little things on the server Click this link...,540811.0.html/ post any problems u come across

Note: You must have jre/jdk7 to run this! Enjoy :)

if ur computer is a 64bit change the run.bat files

Client 64bit run

@echo off
@title Disturbed
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe" -Dfile.encoding=Cp1252 -classpath bin;lib/libs.jar;lib/graphics.jar; Loader

Server 64bit run

@echo off
title Disturbed 704
echo starting...
"C:/Program Files (x86)/Java/jre7/bin/java.exe" -Xmx512m -cp bin;lib/*; true true false

Poeple who think there is "rat" or bugs/ keyloggers in this server can go away this will not be closed till there is complete proof your using this base and where the keylogger/rat is till then shut up and be greatfull for what you have, leechers can leech i dont care.

Any more flaming on this thread will be reported any more accusations without proof will be reported have a nice day.

Download links:             = Cache
     = Client
   = Server

Here is another cache link thanks to WowILikeToCode for making a mirror :)

Ok to setup:
- download all 3 links.
- next, create a folder name it anything u want
- extract both the source and client into that folder
- once you have done this, extract the cache into 'Disturbed server\Server\data\cache' (if there isnt cache folder in data) make a folder called 'cache' and extract the cache into it.
- after this try running the server (source) and the compiler, and play around with the jdk/jre depending on your java.
- After this both should run, allowing you to login :) = working 667 on your pc.

Disturbed v2 is here

things added and fixed are:
1>pvm potting at bosses
2>coustom npcspawning
3>addining shops

Download Link to Disturbed v2
Added Disturbed v2 on 24/3/2012

Here is Disturbed v2.1 without lobby added as i havent compleated world2 yet

Updates are:
1>Farming,Mining,Woodcutting,Crafting,Herblore and Rares shop
2>Taken out Starter tutorial so you on't get 99's
3>Added a 500k cash starter
4>Made R.S Webclient look
5>item command only for players whit the privilage not for admins/mods or normal players

Photo of shops...

Disturbed v2.1 download link here

Here is my custom R.S WebClient HTML code

So once again thanks to anonymous1, matrix team and sickpack from rune-server for help.

--- End quote ---
Will you pleaase update the v2.1 link?!


update 2.1 LINK PLZ


Ewwww new rs modelllsss grooseeee...although great job with the new cache =] I am not going to use though :P


cant wait till 709 cache although almost useless to me now i made the new armours work :D still gj keep it up

shabba 56:

--- Quote from: puremaster101 on April 09, 2012, 03:32:53 PM ---omgomgomgomg cant wait for 709!!!!!! i love you shabba! could u fix so the true and false makes NPCs move or not move

--- End quote ---

it works fine your just doing it wrong in the unpackedshops change false to true

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