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Respawn-Pk Final version || Webclient ready || Great stability.

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I don't recommend this source. It's sort of old and there are better sources out today. If you choose though, you can of course use this.

Welcome to my FINAL Release of Respawn-Pk V3!

~Why are you Releasing this?~

I was hosting this and just couldn't afford my Vps and Webhost. So I have no other use for the server. Also im not done coding im just done with Respawn-pk i want to start fresh.

-What I did-
Woodcutting is basicly perfect just missing a few trees. -Trees drop nests-
Bone crusher. - When a bone is dropped by an npc if the Bone crusher is in your inventory it burys it automatically.
Good mining base. - Random uncuts.
People could no clip and smuggle in Dungeoneering, Fixed. - I also fixed the first floor and made the door passable.
I made the server a pk server (Not a spawn) - If you want to fix this just change the starter package.
Changed home to edge.
Fixed mem leaks.
Made some shops fit the pk server. - Ex: Dharok in the shops.
Removed Funpk because people would die and lose items, I started to fix it.
When you kill another player you get 10 Pkp. - Yes I did increase prices in pkp shop.
There is a decent Castle Wars base for you to work with, I have bandages doors and waiting room done so far.
Implemented Vote4cash. - If you have the mysql part done on your webhost all you have to do is go to and look for
--- Quote ---String urlString = ("=checkvote&username="+playerName);
--- End quote ---
  Just change the
--- Quote ---
--- End quote ---
to your vote page.
Everything else is setup, make sure you changed the ::vote4cash in your client to your vote page aswell.

Much more just cant remember.


              Downloads :
              Server Package (Cache,Source,Client) :

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That looks sick.


--- Quote from: nolan2131 on November 13, 2011, 08:42:00 PM ---That looks sick.

--- End quote ---

No Problem! Rep++ Good luck

Not bad.


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