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Okay so the only reason im releasing this is because some kid scammed me and has it now, and i don't want him to be the only one so here it is...
The guys name was Hazy so be aware.
What i have done so far:

Improved PK system
Improved PK system
Killstreak system
Spawn Tab
Squeal of fortune, Spin modes: Pkpoints/items
new gfx+anims
Champions/Knights added
Diffrent Gameframe
Good Stability
Custom Items Added
Diffrent interace.
Really Good Combat
Accurate specials
X10 Hits
Flawless Switching
PKP Shops
PvP armors added
Overloads done + Extremes
Safe timer
Dragon fireshield recharge
Dupes Fixed. All of the ones that i know of.
Spirit Shield Effects
Donator Items
Packages added
Roatz Customs
Wheal of fortune + animation

Packaged Link

ENJOY, be sure to thank and rep
NOTE USE ROATZ's CACHE... You will get error but thats the anti leach i guess. It does work tho with it cause i myself do use it. Also i will not be helping people with the cache.[/center]

Musta leka:
Fix DL link! Nice Job i guess  :cool:

Download Link:

updated links.

well check it out. nicely done  :)


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