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--- Quote from: IloveNOAH on August 31, 2011, 08:00:53 PM ---Damn Man, Its awesome brah. :cool:

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--- I can boot up my server and log o play. but my friend says that my java. is wrong so he will not be recorded.
so please help me, you can explain to me in my [email protected]
I really need help can someone contact me via skype @ xmagicianx1 or [email protected] I am not being rude but i have done everything people have told me to do and i am still getting a js5connect error. Can someone please help me. This is the only thing i need help with.
Which ip that i need to change to put it online ?
ok how you change the custom title for players? :)
i have changed the ip in both places to mine the first one was at the top and second was at bottom. is that right? and i have extracted cache into both places but i am still getting the connecting to server thing and it just freezes basically and wont go any farther and i have also compiled on both client and server sides :( can anyone help me ?
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