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    Author Topic: [Shard] CreativeScape & WolfPk - Full Release  (Read 3968 times)

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    [Shard] CreativeScape & WolfPk - Full Release
    « on: June 08, 2016, 07:26:59 AM »

    After being into scene (of rsps) for 8 yrs, I've decided moving on and release all my work. Paying it forward. And hoping people will find a good use of it.
    This is the same source and systems I have been using since 2011, when Killamess released his "Shards" version (called "no-doze") as it had better combat than my shard version. (Best regards to that dude). I, myself, have never excelled into programming, but I knew how to get job done. I have seen "popular" and "successful" projects being released; and then seen people disappointed, as they thought these sources would be perfect. I have never been a great programmer, but I excelled at creativity.

    I give lot of credit to Dodian and Delta, and look at them as teachers of fundamentals. I don't think I would ever have learned so much and made servers I did, without these two people. I was a dedicated player of both their servers. And later continuing on my own, I took their ideas, trying to figure how to do things certain way.

    You don't need perfect stuff or most stable source. You need cool ideas. People have to love your server and they have to love playing it. This is what I learned from frugoo, dodian and delta; they all were like complete separated games, you would feel like starting new rs all over again, just from different perspective. I'm releasing this server because, Today owners don't really try too much, they just add new features. Today they all compete with whoever owns most stuff, instead of being unique. Private servers started as something fun, place to hangout and do stuff you couldn't on rs; today all scene has grown into crafted business system, where features are exchanged for players money. I wanted to bring back that 'fun' memory, the reason such server "wolfpks" was made. Enjoy.

    Source Background.
    - Shard Revoluation (Grahaam, 2008)
    - [Shards]No-Doze (Killamess, 2011)
    - [Shards]CreativeScape (R0cky 0wnz, 2011-2015)
    - [Shards]Wolf Pk (R0cky 0wnz, 2016)

    Features (OPTIMAL)
    - Source has or had lot of stuff, due to "wolfpk" concept change I have commented out or un-done lot of things, forcing server to be as simple as 08 era servers. Concept was to make a fun, chill server, proving such servers can still become popular due to their fun. (And still be qualitative). Source itself had lot of shit on it, like dueling, fight-pits and so on... you just have to dig and find it.

    If You played any of my 2011 - 2015 CreativeScape servers (from v1 to v3), this is the source we used and should have all of the stuff. Source is integrated with SQL, but most of characters stuff is stored, loaded and saved via .xml files from folder.

    (click to show/hide)

    (click to show/hide)

    Server Setup.
    - In order to run this server, You're gonna need sql services (Server loads donations, hiscores and account details from sql). I did use XAMPP and phpmyadmin. You can download it here: https://www.apachefriends.org/download.html
    Install everything. Once it's done, open up phpmyadmin. You are gonna need to create new databases and import .sql files from archive called "db contents". There should be three db's on it called creativescape, donations and scores. Sub-folder called creativescape contains tables for crs db. Without these being imported server won't load npcs, stores or drops.

    If You struggle setting it up or how to run this server, here was better explanation at No-Doze download: https://www.rune-server.ee/runescape-development/google/downloads/304010-shards-project-no-doze-sql-intergrated-excellent-server.html

    Server: SERVER HERE[/url]
    Client: CLIENT HERE[/url]
    db contents (sql): db contents[/url]
    Website stuff: htdocs[/url]

    / Crs package (April 2015):  /

    I have to apologizes to all who uses eclipse and such, java programming platforms, as I myself found it easier to do just notepad. Oldschool right? I believe it might seem messy for you, yet not sure.

    If You are looking for most stable and professional sources, You should probably use hyperion or apollo, as they were newer versions than shard revolutions. Shards is considered to be outdated and some say it's nonstable. Yet, I don't believe You're ever gonna reach above 1k players (barely any server has done it), thus, if keeping current game format (where places are narrow), keeping 200-300 players per world works perfectly. Just open new worlds. I have never liked too crowded servers. You can't get a kill, nor you can get supplies at stores. Making limitations per each world is safer too.

    Worth noting, this server averaged 500 players maximum (2 worlds) under name of CreativeScape, just years ago. And we recently launched pk server under its new name "wolfpks" - it was launched January 15th, two weeks later we made to 50 players, two more weeks later we recorded our first 100 online mark. (our community wasn't a factor towards its success as we only had 6-10 players during beta. nor did we had contacts who would help to get players). (Obviously many credits to my people, I couldn't do it alone). It's unique and cool server, people love it.
    The Journey can be found here: https://www.rune-server.ee/runescape-development/google/advertise/616970-click-wolfpk-classic-osrsps-active-pking-click.html

    People told that such classy servers can't survive anymore. That times have changed and nobody would play. That everyone has moved to newer things. That everyone is gonna get bored, or that server will last one month and then close. Everything is possible. If You bring hard work and believe in your ideas... Don't let the circumstances dictate how you should do things. Challenge the circumstances to follow what You believe in.

    I wish you guys all the best,
    R0cky 0wnz


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    Re: [Shard] CreativeScape & WolfPk - Full Release
    « Reply #1 on: July 04, 2016, 10:24:56 AM »



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    Re: [Shard] CreativeScape & WolfPk - Full Release
    « Reply #2 on: July 16, 2016, 07:30:04 AM »


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