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haha sweet  :rolleyes: and what about titles for talking? i know there are loyalty titles but how could i make custom ones? like Main Owner Nick : or something like that

For talkign i do believe there is a tut on here or one of the other rsps communities about adding custom ones! :)

I love your work Lake, but i've already used Nr3's server so too lazy to redownload and go through re-adding the info

Anyway, could you help me out? I cant seem to run my webclient becuz of this error

Any idea?

great release mate

Good job on your release. I'm kind of glad that runescape private servers are not dieing off and people are making newer revisions as runescape update.

OFF TOPIC: I have no idea about this, but it would be soo cool that in the future, someone can code a private server with dual wielding combat; a new update that runescape recently had made for wielding 2
weapons. Some might like it and some won't. But it's interesting, when is it going to happen? But yeah, it's very new and I thing it basically involves re-building the combat system...and changing the HP of all monsters and stuff....and besides, it's still on beta, so it might take a long time for it to happen on rsps's.


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