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    Author Topic: No Bullshit No whining What should have been done.  (Read 1122 times)

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    No Bullshit No whining What should have been done.
    « on: November 18, 2016, 04:05:52 PM »
    With being rather new to the rsps world, the nostalgia this server brings me is immense. I wanted to share some feedback constructively and I hope furious will see this.

    First and foremost. Player informed updates. Let the players and FFS the PAYERS know what you are up to. Just a simple, "hey guys, testing some things today. Sorry for any downtime." That simple. We don't need a whole change log list. It would be nice but not necessary. Just letting us know can clear up so much frustration.

    Mods, a proper mod system, someone or two that can relied on while your busy with life and they have a minute to spare for you. If something happens they can restart the server. Also any mod that is bloating prices should be instantly removed as one. New players are constantly joining. The eco was pretty stable but especially if you have a staff called helper bloating prices so he can make a profit? What are the new players to think? Oh he's staff member, should be pretty sure he knows prices.

    NOT ONE STAFF MEMBER SHOULD EVER TAKE ADVANTAGE. I personally don't care if abbysal whips sell for 50m the eco would adjust. But a "staff" member bloating for his advantage. NO!

    Backup, Backup, BACKUP! I shouldn't have to explain this. Back up the server before changes are made. Revert to old save when things break. Smithing and bolt crafting, from what I'm aware, is broken. Set up another private server for testing purposes only instead of your bread and butter being thrown in the poo pile until you have time to work on it again. Over exaggerating a little bit with the last one but I think it'll be advantageous.

    Side note - Mining gems is nice but please reduce the rate, it is nice knowing some skills require effort to obtain 99 like how prayer is right now also with that said if your going to make prayer harder, add more dragons! There's a whole area in taverly dedicated for blue dragons. Why are there only three?

    Yes you can go to green dragons or reds in the wild, also reds at brimhaven but in the wilderness, why can you be engaged whilst in the midst of battle?

    To be continued...
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