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    Author Topic: State of Droptables  (Read 1173 times)

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    State of Droptables
    « on: September 06, 2017, 06:34:50 AM »
    Hello Moparscape players and staff,

    Today I want to focus on something small, but still something that should be addressed in my opinion.
    The inconsistencies between droptables and the lack of droptables.

    First of all, I want to start with the issue of lacking droptables.
    As most of you know, there are droptables for the Slayer Monsters and (Wildy) Bosses which give you insights to their drops and their respective chance to drop.
    However, there are some "High-Tier" mobs that do not have theirs listen.
    Consisting of: Mithril Dragons, Cerberus and Godwars minions.

    The key factor is that these are not similar in their reason of lacking a droptable.
    The Mithril Dragon is neither a boss, nor a slayer creature (For which I have submitted a ::todo so they CAN be a slayer creature), therefore it will not be listed in those lists.
    In my opinion, this should be fixed by adding them to the "Slayer Creature" list, making them eligible for slayer tasks and then adding them to the droptables.

    Cerberus, on the other hand, is a mob that completely lacks a drop table. His signature drops are not implemented into the game.
    This causes multiple sticky situations, first and foremost, this makes the boss completely useless to even do.
    Second of all, this causes multiple high-end items to be nearly unobtainable, unless paid for by real cash.
    Cerberus drops crystals used to make the highest-tier boots for the combat triangle and a "Smouldering Stone" to upgrade Dragon-tier skilling equipment.

    At the moment, we can only obtain ONE of these 3 types of boots, Primordial Boots. They can only be obtained through donating or selling stuff to the donator store for points and them buying.
    The other two, Pegasian Boots (Ranged) and Eternal Boots (Mage) can not be obtained whatsoever.

    Therefore, in my opinion, these crystals should be added ASAP. If this is done with the next update, I will donate another $10 to the server to show my goodwill of this issue being fixed.
    Content should not be locked behind a paygate on an RSPS.

    And last, but certainly not least, of the "lacking" issue, are the Godwars Minions.
    These poor fellas are supposed to be a source of Godsward shards and have an insanely rare drop chance to get the gear of their corresponding God.
    Currently, they have no droptables and often go ignored as players just choose to kill 1 and tank the others whilst they stay in the room.
    The Bandos GWD Minions are supposed to drop a Shard once every 5 shards of their boss counterpart, General Graardor.

    OSRS Wiki states his Droptable as:
    BCP/Tassy: 1/384
    GS Shards: 1/256

    Mopar lists it as:
    Godsword shard 1 (1 time in 294)
    Godsword shard 2 (1 time in 298)
    Godsword shard 3 (1 time in 302)
    Bandos chestplate (1 time in 301)
    Bandos tassets (1 time in 404)

    As you can see, most of these drops are even HARDER to get than in OSRS.

    My proposal for this issue is:
    1. Increase the drop chance of the items to AT LEAST be on-par with the OSRS variants. This is a private server, not an alternative server.
    2. Add the drops to the minions as well. Something along the lines of:
    Godsword shard 1 (1 time in 750)
    Godsword shard 2 (1 time in 750)
    Godsword shard 3 (1 time in 750)
    Bandos chestplate (1 time in 1500)
    Bandos tassets (1 time in 1500)

    And now for the last one, the mob with the inaccurate drop tables:
    The Black Dragon.
    Comparing the Black Dragon Moparscape droptable with the one on OSRS, there is one thing that sticks out: The lack of a Draconic Visage in it on Moparscape.

    Moparscape Slayer Monster Droptable:
    Monster: Black dragon
    Crystal key  Rarity: 1/124
    Dragon med helm Rarity: 1/76
    Dragonstone Rarity: 1/66
    Shield left half Rarity: 1/219
    Clue scroll (easy) Rarity: 1/97

    OSRS Wikia:
    The draconic visage is dropped by most high-level dragons, including black dragons, iron dragons, steel dragons, mithril dragons, skeletal wyverns, King Black Dragon and lava dragons. However, green dragons, blue dragons, red dragons, bronze dragons, brutal green dragons, and all baby dragons do not drop the draconic visage.

    As you can see, Black Dragons ARE supposed to drop a Draconic Visage.
    Therefore, I think that the Black Dragons should have the Draconic Visage added to their drop tables.
    In OSRS they are on-par with the drop rate for Metalic Dragons, which in Mopar is 1:984.

    This concludes my rant with sources and as always I am interested in what you guys think of this.
    Feel free to message me in-game or leave a reply in the thread and I will try to answer when I can.

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    OfflineSmokin panda

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    Re: State of Droptables
    « Reply #1 on: September 06, 2017, 12:00:51 PM »
    The drop rates for Bandos is more than likely higher than OSRS because it's a lot easier to kill it on the server, not to mention the fact that if you die it's safe where as it's not in OSRS.
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    Re: State of Droptables
    « Reply #2 on: September 06, 2017, 12:06:38 PM »
    The drop rates for Bandos is more than likely higher than OSRS because it's a lot easier to kill it on the server, not to mention the fact that if you die it's safe where as it's not in OSRS.

    Whilst it is true that it might be easier, the same can be said for every other mob, which also have these boosted rates.
    The fact that Bandos is a safe death zone is the more logical one, which makes it kind if difficult for me to choose a side.

    I believe that a private server should not have harder drop rates than in the real game, the entire point of a private server is that it's "easier" and more enjoyable.
    On the other hand, boosting these drop rates to too high of a number might make it TOO easy.
    Therefore, I stand by my original point. Match them to the OSRS drop chance and it should be fine.
    It is not a huge increase, but still an increase.
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