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Gunzerker is the best all around DPS boss character, Axton is the most effective against waves (and he's my first level 72), Zer0 is best for select bosses w/ bore, Krieg is good for waves during certain situations, Miya is useless as HBO nowadays, and the mechromancer just.... No...

with the right build and item setup, krieg can take on quite a bit alone with no problems.

I'm enjoying a Zer0 melee build so far.

If you're enjoying your Zer0 build, then I'll have to insist on a couple of builds you should try. Get a hold of a Sandhawk through the Pirate's Booty DLC's main story line and then get a Bee and use Zero's velocity skill w/ a boosting class mod. You'll rip through everything you come across. Along w/ the Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold and B0re.

SandHawk - Velocity Build

Pretty good summary of the Sandhawk; although this video was made post-level cap increase so it's much more powerful now w/ an OP 8 Bee, OP 8 class-mod, and OP 8 Sandhawk. Best variation of the Sandhawk would include a Dhal stock which gives you an extra burst, flying prefix which allows the bullets to go faster with your velocity stack on top, and the grip should be Maliwan which provides a big 38 clip and a 23% reload speed.

Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold - B0re Build

Second build I'd have to recommend is the B0re build which with an OP8 Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold, and a singularity grenade mod obliterates some of the games hardest raid bosses. The video should definitely be self-explanatory enough of the power behind B0re. Same method can be used for Pyro Pete as well.

PS - With all of these builds in mind I have to say that the Gunzerker is still the best raid boss character and some of his builds would blow you away. He has turned into my favorite character by far and deals the most DPS with the right gear.


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