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When I get my computer back, I will like to join a squd :D I can voice chat and suhc, be the redneck of the group.

If anyone wants to join add me on skype: tombeta5001

I was convinced into buying this a few days ago by Tom and finally got the hang of playing. We've found a pretty good server too, I haven't seen any hacking going on at all. If people are still playing this they should definitely come team up with us :)

Look up scariel42, oshiseven, jackfrags, frankieonpcin1080p

They do the best commentaries/gameplays of this game.

Also DayZ is extremely demanding graphics/cpu wise, so if you haven't got a good computer to play it, you'll be disappointed.

Also wouldn't recommend torrenting, most of the cracked servers are full of hackers as there is close to no protection.

I've watched frankieonpcin1080p ever since his first DayZ video, and continue to do so today. They truly are great, and I love the multiple perspectives that come with jack and him recording the same gameplay.


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