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--- Quote from: iCreatedHorror on August 14, 2014, 07:01:16 AM ---
--- Quote from: xEthanx on August 12, 2014, 07:48:23 PM ---I actually think it looks like it could be a blast, especially if I'm playing with friends. I'll check it out.

Btw, nice review. :P

--- End quote ---
it's only fun with friends on populated, dedicated servers.  sadly, hackers ruined this about as quick as it went on steam.

--- End quote ---

Agree'd, but if you have a few friends playing LAN or even hosting a private server it's even more enjoyable. :)

Wanted to add something. This game will run under linux on a low-end system. I currenty only have a simple Acer C720 chromebook with lubuntu 14.04 with a few fixes for better hardware support. I can run Unturned 2 on lowest settings, with 150% draw distance and still get a nice framerate. Just install the newest wine, install Steam (may need to disable dwrite.dll, I have to). Runs great under Wine.

CPU: Intel 1.4GHz dual-core Haswell
OS: lubuntu 14.04 with 3.17RC3 kernel.

Was just looking for a F2P game to play on steam, the one I was playing is offline for maintenance, bastards.



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