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    Author Topic: Price List  (Read 2878 times)

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    Price List
    « on: February 17, 2017, 01:17:56 PM »
    Melee - Weapons

    Dragon halberd: 4-6m
    Armadyl godsword: 120-150m
    Statius's warhammer: 10m
    Vesta's longsword: 10m
    Vesta's Spear: 20m
    Zamorak godsword: 20-30m
    Barrelchest anchor: 30-40m
    Abyssal tentacle: 45-50m
    Abyssl whip: 5m
    Saradomin godsword: 50m
    Bandos godsword: 20-25m
    Dragon warhammer: 80-90m
    Dragon claws: 140-160mm
    Abyssal dagger: 100-130m
    Saradomin sword: 10-15m
    Dragon spear: 80-90m


    Melee - Armor/shields

    Full Dharok's - 20-25m
    Vesta's chainbody: 10m
    Vesta's plateskirt: 10m
    Statius's full helm: 10m
    Statius's platebody: 10m
    Statius's platelegs: 10m
    Bandos chestplate: 65-75m
    Bandos tassets: 65-75m
    Dragonfire shield: 40m
    Serpentine helm: 45m


    Melee - Accessories/etc

    Dragon boots: 2m
    Warrior ring: 3-4m
    Berserker ring: 4-5m
    Berserker ring (i): 30-40m
    Primordial boots: 100m
    Dragon chainbody: 20-25m
    Dragon platelegs: 1-2m


    Ranged - Weapons

    Dark bow: 8-10m
    Armadyl crossbow: 140-160m
    Toxic blowpipe: 80-90m
    Tanzanite fang: 80-90m


    Ranged - Armor/shields

    Armadyl helmet: 30-40m
    Armadyl chestplate: 65-75m
    Armadyl chainskirt: 65-75m
    Odium Ward: 180-210m
    Black dhide set - 500k-1m
    Ruby Bolt (e) - 2-4k ea
    Dragon Bolts (e)  2-4kea


    Ranged - Accessories/etc

    Archers ring: 4m
    Robin hood hat: 5m
    Ranger boots: 5m
    Archers ring (i): 35m


    Magic - Weapons
    Magic Fang: 20-30m
    Master wand: 5m
    Staff of the dead: 80-90m
    Toxic Staff of the dead: 100-120m


    Magic - Armor

    Ahrim's hood/robetop/robeskirt:
    Mage's book: 4-5m
    Malediction Ward:
    Zuriel's hood: 10m
    Zuriel's robe top: 10m
    Zuriel's robe bottom: 10m


    Magic - Accessories/etc

    Infinity boots: 5-10m
    Occult necklace: 80-100m
    Seers ring: 4m
    Seers ring (i): 25-30m


    Spirit shields

    Spectral spirit shield: 50mm
    Elysian spirit shield: 80-100m
    Arcane spirit shield: 150-200m
    Divine spirit shield: 150-200m



    Zulrah's scales: 100-200gp ea
    Amulet of fury: 1-2m
    Amulet of fury (or): 30m
    Vote ticket:  500k ea
    Pkp Ticket - 125k ea
    Mysterious emblem: 1m
    Dragon axe: 80m+
    Dragon pickaxe -  50-60m
    Dragon pickaxe (or) - 70-80m



    Sea turtle: 10-20k ea
    Manta ray: 10-20k ea
    Dark crab: 10-20k ea
    Overload(4): 150-200k ea
    Crystal key: 100K-200k
    Clue scroll: 3-5m
    Mystery box: 15-20m
    Dragon Bones: 100k ea
    Dagganoth bones - 150-200k ea
    Ring of wealth - 100k ea
    Black mask - 6-8m
    Magic Logs: 5-10k ea
    Mithril Bar: 10k ea
    Addy Bar:  20-25K ea



    Trimmed/Gold-trimmed armors/shields/other clue scroll items 500k-2m ea
    Infinity hat/robe top/robe bottom: 5m ea
    Infinity Dark/light:
    Santa hat: 10-15m
    Red/Green/Blue halloween mask: 10-15m
    yellow/Red partyhat - 150-200m
    Purple partyhat - 150m
    Blue/white/green partyhat: 100-120m
    Rainbow partyhat: 300m
    Black partyhat: 350m
    Sled: 500-600m
    Top hat:20-25m
    Top hat & monocle: 400-600m
    Partyhat & specs: 900m-1.2b
    Bunny ears:

    3rd Age Prices By Item
    vambraces: 20m
    range coif: 25-30m
    amulet: 20m
    mage hat: 35-45m
    range top: 40-50m
    range legs: 40-50m
    robe top: 50-70m
    full helmet: 30m
    cloak: 900m-1.2b
    longsword: 900m-1.2b
    bow: 900m-1.2b
    wand: 900m-1.2b
    kiteshield: 300m+
    platebody: 100m+
    platelegs: 100m+
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