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Donators benefits Video & Zulrah Guide!
rob h99:
Hey guys,

As you can see i have been around in the RSPS community for 10 years, and i started playing Moparscape way back in the day.

Now Mopar is back i have decided to make some helpful videos for you. Below you will find two videos;

Thinking of donating? Check this video to find out why i think donating is well worth it!;

Next i have made a simply guide to Zulrah so you can see how easy it really  is to make some money;

Let me know what videos you want next guys!
I say this guy either loses the donator points he got from video's or staff bans him he's using a viewbot he had 24k view's on one of his video's and there's no chance he can get 24k views for a private server.

He reuploaded his video and now only has 1.2k views.
rob h99:
Hi Alko,

If you have noticed the video with 24k views got taken down yesterday as i posted it on numerouus websites and it got view botted by somebody.

I spoke to an admin and bought m boxes with all of the points and gave them to an admin.

Please speak to the OP before talking crap in future.  ;D

Thanks for the off topic conversation on this post, please crawl back into your hole or appreciate the videos next time.
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