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    Author Topic: In-Game Rules & Staff List  (Read 8075 times)

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    In-Game Rules & Staff List
    « on: November 08, 2016, 10:03:02 PM »
    These are the rules that we enforce ingame.
    Staff list can be found at the bottom of this post.

    Ingame Rules.

    Yell mute
    • Flaming over yell
    • Being racist over yell
    • Threatening over yell
    • Causing arguments over yell
    • Spamming over yell (in example if everyone starts spamming something on yell - do not join in, you might be the one that gets punished for it)
    • Not listening to staff requests over yell (in example if staff tells you to stop yelling or x will happen, do not be mad if x happens)
    • Luring over yell

    • Advertising other servers
    • Flaming is generally O.K. - but it has restrictions: do not flame staff members on decisions, appeal them. Do not flame to the point where it causes spam. Do not flame with racist or sickness insults (Deleted Word, etc.). Do not excessively flame (staff members have the right to determine what is and is not excessive). If someone is flaming you put them on your ignore list, or report them on the forums if it violates one of the rules!
    • Spamming - keep auto-typers to at least 10 seconds - regional players don't change every 0.5seconds...
    • Threatening other users. Threats can also be bans if they are more realistic (i.e. there are out of the blue threats for no reason, but there are threats that are substantiated). Something like "stfu nice net" is a mute, whereas "I have your ip, I'm going to ddos you" and then continuing the aggravation will most definately result in a ban. DO NOT THREATEN STAFF MEMBERS OR IT WILL BE A BAN

    • Standing on other people's fights
    • Being in the duel arena for purposes not related to dueling your opponent (or watching someone else duel - but in that case STAY AWAY FROM OTHER FIGHTS)
    • "Trolling" drop party's or host fake giveaways, or excessive trolling such as running through or standing on fights
    • Do not abuse the request help system, or the help of staff members.
    • Noclipping
    • Multilogging in fightpits, having multiple accounts in the wilderness pking is NOT allowed or bossing
    • Delayed rushing

    • You are not allowed to bug abuse/exploit glitches unless you are showing a staff member
    • RWTing
    • Not allowed using a VPN or other exploits to multivote 12 hrs vote timer
    • Buying/selling accounts
    • Using a modified client
    • Buying/selling runescape gp (unless they are a RSGP manager)
    • Macroing - this includes AFK skilling WITH an autotyper/clicker
    • Scamming - Leading someone to believe to receive something when they don't. EXAMPLES - passing off fake items, bugging in a stake, rule *switching,"doubling pkt"
    • DDoSing or hacking users
    • Impersonating staff (Having a name with Mod in it)
    • Faking report evidence
    • Hosting odds/evens at rock crabs a.k.a training teleport.
    • Boosting PK odds/eP, KDR, or elo rating
    • Multivoting (up to ALL your items will be removed from your account too)
    • Abusing the ::youtubers or ::ref system (up to ALL your items will be removed from your account too)  Youtube videos that are considered "ok" can include, but not restricted to: trailers, progression logs, guides, PKing clips, commentaries. Youtube videos deemed abusive can include, but not restricted to: short pointless videos, repetitive posts of videos, views boosting or "botting views" (0 subs with many views soon after posting), fake videos in general. ::youtubers is meant for a source of advertisement and a way for youtubers to get their videos known and gain ingame points at the same time, not free donor points for those who do not take the time like others.
    • Making an account with a racist name

    We will do refunds for bugs caused by the server (not self-made rules or agreements made between players). In the event of a DDoS attack, it becomes impossible to try and right all wrongs, but with the new systems in place people shouldn't lose any items. We will not do refunds for scams or hacks.

    • We are not in charge of double checking rules or trades for you
    • Buying/selling donations would not be recorded in trade logs, so tracking your items from an alleged "hack" could just mean you trying to exploit us for a refund after buying a donation
    • Faking hacks to RWT
    • Things along these lines, as well as the information provided for scams.
    • It will take too much time to properly verify these (or it can be impossible to verify them) - so they will not be done

    • If you account share and your account is taken by one of the users - it will not be recovered. In an account sharing situation no one has clear possession of an account, and if one person back-stabs another - then its too bad. Account share at your own risk, and don't waste anyone's time with it. If someone that you share your account with is punished - too bad. Simply - you are liable for your own account, not us!
    • This does NOT MEAN you can buy/sell accounts.
    • You cannot transfer items from your iron man account to other accounts. Iron men have a significant drop rate increase or ironman trading.
    • You can not buy donations with in-game items and have the donation added to another server.
    • Under this, do not buy/sell account services (in which you willingly give over ownership of your account)
    • Don't abuse the recovery system - trying to recover an account that isn't yours

    Your punishments will escalate from time, to IP to Mac as your # of offenses escalate. Depending on certain situations can be punished more lightly or harshly for the rule you have broken.

    Punishment evading will result in harsher punishments. If you are not "IP" or "Mac" punished, then you are allowed to play on a separate account... don't play on a separate account to cause trouble - otherwise it will become an IP or Mac punishment

    I want to thank whoever created these rules, I copied most of them down.
    Thank you Ferry and everyone who contributed.
    Staff List
    In-game names to the left, Forum profiles are the links to the right.
    Social Manager:
    Staff Manager:
    Community Manager:
    Forum Moderators:
    Player Moderators:         
                                 Fog Outhit
                                 Master Owner
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