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    Author Topic: Idea for a Moparscape Video series (community input welcome)  (Read 564 times)

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    Idea for a Moparscape Video series (community input welcome)
    « on: December 21, 2016, 08:11:16 PM »
    So recently I have gotten bored of the server and needed to spice things up a bit. So I decided to 100% empty out my bank via drop party/giveaways/1-28's ect (this has already passed, unfortunately didn't think of this series until after I hosted this event otherwise i would have recorded).

    So with my bank 100% wiped I thought of an idea for a series, play as an unofficial iron man (minus the pking aspect) and obtain my own resources and gear, but with a twist. With every unstackable drop I get, no matter if it is pked or obtained via npc, I will gamble it. Twist #2 is that if I decide to enter the wild, I must do so with the best gear in my bank. whether it be rune or bandos, I must wear it. And if attacked in the wilderness I am not aloud to teleport out, only fight back or try to escape.

    So with this said there are some limitations, the gambler can only stake items that are in stacks less than 100, which makes staking some boss drops hard, so I have decided to only do this with single stacked items. For example, zulrah scales I can not gamble because they exceed more than 1 per inventory space, but if i get a magic fang it must be gambled.

    For boss related items, I can only obtain them during a slayer task, I can not camp a boss I am not on task with. Now bosses like Zulrah, Sara, Calisto and Mole which are not on the slayer table, I am able to kill X amount of them between tasks. This number will be determined by community feed back.

    Now as for pkp/vote tickets for easy items. I will limit myself to being able to turn these tickets into points only if i have a combined total of 500, then i will be able to claim items from whatever shop (currently 3 vote points 6 pk points)

    For pking all is fair, but as stated I can not teleport in combat. As for pking I will mostly solo pk, but occasionally i will multi pk with my friends. in this situation if they get a kill i will not receive a split of it. If i get a kill, unstackable items will be gambled and if i win the gamble i may give my friends a split.

    These videos will be sort of a progress montage/pk montage. The end goal of the series is to obtain at least 2 of every unique item and/or max cash. Ofcourse i would like to have fun with it as well, so there may be some informational tib bits, funnies and fails, ect

    I would greatly appreciate any feedback good or bad on how you personally view this series. Whether it be inputs, idea changes, or even telling me im wasting my time, all feedback is appreciated.

    Thank you!


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    Re: Idea for a Moparscape Video series (community input welcome)
    « Reply #1 on: December 27, 2016, 04:40:52 PM »
    I would watch it but eventually it would get very boring do the same thing over and over, would be really nice if you would have a goal for every video.  ;)


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