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    Author Topic: important.(for owner devs)  (Read 843 times)

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    important.(for owner devs)
    « on: March 06, 2017, 03:30:28 AM »
    Hello recently there has been a update to the game regarding gems, however i was not initially going to talk about that but since this just happened it makes what i had to say more so. I would like to first ask what are you thinking with this update? i already enjoyed the sever and invited friends to play the one problem i had with it is that the drop rates are worse than real runescape thats how bad they are now if you donate like 50 dollars they may be better and i would donate i just dont have the money right now but it shouldnt be only about donators  because without normal players you dont have a game i used to have my own sever i know,,,,,from what im seeing right now is bad and here is what i think the sever needs to stay strong and become the best im doing this because i care about the sever and because i got so many friends to play it

    Okay first things first the gems here is why taking them out will be horrible for the game

    number 1.) new players will have no way to make starting cash if they want to jump in and pk.

    Number 2.) lack of gp outcome from npcs will result in a gp shortage overall and will will have to relie on players gp FOREVER

    number 3.) a big amount of players use dragon bolts (e) its going to be hard to get them now sure you can buy them but what happens when the resources are all gone and no one has them

    number 4.) back to when i was talking about how the boss drop rates are not good.....what are we supposed to do sell d bones? people are going to be more careful with there gp now that they have no way to quickly make a buck so people are going to hold back on things they can get themselves and hey it wasnt easy the way the gems were set up it took 10 minutes to get 3 mill thats nothing at all in this game every pker thats anything has items over 150 mill and with bosses never droping anything legit killed a boss for 7 hours not one drop ....then what faith can i have of ever earning a good item like a god sword or anything really i dont just speak for me i speek for every player who is not staff or a donator i would love to support the game when i can but this updated needs reviewed and so do the drop rates. its not hard to change them 

    Number 5.) Botting the reason i was givin that they took the gems out was because people were botting it i dont think thats the case see this sever has a random event different from real rs and its never at a given time when it pops up unless somone coded there own its not possible to afk all day while it bots for you here is what is happening people are making a second account and gemming while they pk or boss on there main thats it we got admins banning people for no good reason just because there were on youtube and not looking at game chat the solution for this is just to have a admin tele possible botters to a area and give them 2 minutes to respond you dont need to take gems out because if it continues i can see a drop in players on this sever who just have no way to come back from a big loss to the gambler or pking

    Thank you i wish well for this sever because i enjoy it im not crying i have valid points and im just trying to stop the sever from killing itself befour its too late.

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    Re: important.(for owner devs)
    « Reply #1 on: March 06, 2017, 03:52:30 AM »
    I appreciate your concern but the owner is the one who made the change in the first place.

    1) Most of us started by thieving at home stalls, bought gear and went PVMing
    2) There is not a lack of income to game nor will there ever be.
    3) The dragon bolts (e) buying/selling will help the GP keep moving throughout the server. Plus many people have stacks of bolts at the moment.
    4) Money will never be a shortage in game because people sell items like rune, dragon med helms, ect ect into the general store which bring GP into the game as well.
    5) We, the staff team, take bot checking step by step and we take it seriously. Those who watch youtube, shop online, ect ect, are different from the bots themselves.

    It seems your post is all about the GP coming into the game and i can personally tell you that will never be a shortage. There are many ways to get GP into the game and many players who have max cash stacks on multiple accounts. I appreciate your concern with the server, but this change i believe will benefit more than it will hurt the server.

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