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    Author Topic: [FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]  (Read 799 times)

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    [FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]
    « on: November 20, 2016, 01:48:22 AM »
    Hello and welcome to the unofficial Moparscape FAQ thread.

    There are countless times where I cannot respond to FAQ's in game because I am not a donator, therefor I am creating one large thread. I ask that people refer others to this topic on forums and that we continue to add more FAQ'S. If you have questions which aren't addressed Pm me in game - Syntax, or use the ::yell command to ask them.

    What are the benefits of becoming a donator?  https://forum.moparscape.org/general-board/281/benefits-becoming-donator-game/680072/msg4514677#msg4514677

    1. Will I lose (insert item here) if I die?? You will not lose Firecape, dragon boots, fighter helmet, dragon defender, ring of wealth imbued, slayer mask, void, and more (autobank on death). You will lose your pets.

    2.) What can I spend my vote tickets and pk points on? There are shops for both, right near the ::home bank.

    3.) Is there a starter kit? No

    4.) How can I make money? Begin by thieving the stalls adjacent to the wilderness and edge bank. Get 75 theiving, sell d scims from stall to trader 1 square away for 90kea. do ::vote and sell your votes for 500-600k ea. Buy a whip for 5m and go train slayer. Nieve will assign tasks. Do not cancel tasks as streaks provides more points per task. Spend all points on whips and sell them 5-6m ea

    5.) Is there a place I can find the drop rate of (insert monster here)? Yes, Jody posted two topics (one for slayer monsters and other for gwd/wildy bosses)

    Slay monsters: https://forum.moparscape.org/general-board/281/slayer-monster-drop-tables/679984/
    Bosses: https://forum.moparscape.org/general-board/281/god-wars-dungeon-wilderness-bossess-rare-drop-tables/679973/msg4514436#msg4514436

    6.) Has (insert glitch/server issue here) been fixed? Unfortunately there isn't much provided here from the administration team in regards to updates/future planned updates. You will have to ask in game/find out yourself - general rule of thumb is to go to quest tab and see how long the server has been online for, if its for longer than you last logged in, it hasn't been fixed.

    7.) ARE ANY STAFF MEMBERS ONLINE? Again, same concept - go to the quest tab and click on staff members online - it will show you each member if they're online from helper+

    8.) How do I get firecape/barrows gloves/torso? Firecape can be bought with tickets, but you can easily complete 10 fight caves waves in which jad has no healers. B gloves you kill off the RFD bosses in the minigame, which is on the opposite side of edge bank from the thieving stalls. Torso is bought w/ pk pts.

    9.) Can I use runescape gp to donate? This can only be done by one staff member (Rees), in of which I have yet to see online in the past week. Pm staff members for help.

    10.) How much is my donation worth? Donations to other players such as buying them donator ($15) would be 150-200m per $5 usually.

    10.) How much is (insert item here)? Please refer to my other post on this sub forum for price guide. In game just do ::yell and say "pc (item here)

    11.) Where can I find zulrah? Talk to the guy near wildy lever in edge. If you die you pay 500k to get your stuff back (if you die you aren't killing it right) Pray melee and run all the way up outside of posion and range it)

    12.) Is there a double exp day/weekend? No

    13.) Are there green dragons outside of the wilderness? No

    14.) What is the command for (insert command)? Just type ::command in game for a menu of commands.

    15.) Is there a gilded altar for my dbones? Yes use your bones on the altar right near edge bank for extra exp

    16.) Is there a help clan chat? Yes, Join "Ali" cc

    17.)Is there a list of in game rules?https://forum.moparscape.org/general-board/281/game-rules/680093/msg4515132#msg4515132

    18.)Do I need to save my progress? No it's all saved just like regular runescape

    19.) Is there a highscores? yes

    20.) How old is this server?and has there been any resets? The server is around 2 months old as of 11/20/216, and no there hasn't been any server wide reset.

    21,) Where can I find (insert slayer monster)? Talk to neive and she will tell you where to teleport in order to kill said monster(s).

    I will add more as I see fit, please add your own in the comments and I will edit them in if I see fit. Thank you for reading this far, hopefully we can get a ::FAQ command in game, as to easily guide new users to information such as this.

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