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Aurous - My Attempt at an open source spotify alternative.

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--- Quote from: tyb97 on September 04, 2014, 01:49:02 PM ---Even though you're streaming music via other services I still feel like record companies are going to try to pound you into the ground with licensing.

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He would just have to move the server outside US' jurisdiction.

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First that isn't how copyright laws work, second I'm not going to host any content.

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After really thinking about it this isn't even kind of a spotify alternative, it's really just a GUI that you use to organize music links that you can stream through the program.

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>no ads
>search for music
>get instant music
>add playlist from multiple services
>not spotify

That alone makes its a spotify alternative

Basic soundcloud done

I think the idea is cool. You all need to stop being debbie downers.


--- Quote from: sinisoul on September 04, 2014, 10:42:29 PM ---I think the idea is cool. You all need to stop being debbie downers.

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Yeah. Nice work :)

Yeah I was thinking about doing the exact same thing at one point. I was going to make a simple node-webkit app that used some sort of free API to find album/artist information, then in the background, download and stream the audio of YouTube videos.

Driman Rune:
goodluck with your project! Love the name! x'DDDD


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