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    Author Topic: Application for something to do with server  (Read 584 times)

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    Application for something to do with server
    « on: November 26, 2016, 11:40:10 PM »
    Age: 25 years old

    Timezone: Eastern Time Zone

    Time Played: Not Sure but I've played private servers for 17 years of my life, from the original versions on everyone, and ive played moparscape from the original one that came out about 10 years ago.

    Hours online a day: 3-12 hours everyday

    Reason for application: I'm applying because I would absolutely love to become a bigger part of the moparscape community and put all of my experience and efforts into making the server the best it could be and take it to the max potential like i said I'm 25 years old and are very mature and have many great ideas because I've been playing pretty much my whole life and have seen and done it all for the most part. I got 17 years of experience between actual RuneScape and private servers and have played RuneScape since the absolute old school classic and not the 2007 version, and I've played every single kind of private server and version and seen many many aspects and personal touches that everyone has put to there servers and played many different ones over the years of my life and many ideas from all of them that i have written down that i thought would make an awesome contribution to any server and with all them combined make one Ultra server!

    My in-game name is the same as on here, "f u see k". Im not necessarily needing to be an actual server staff of some sort or what not but it certainly would be absolutely wonderful, even could just be a consultant of some sort to give ideas for the server to help and try to make it better if possible. I am 25 years old in real life and have been playing RuneScape and RuneScape private servers since I've been 8 years old, thats 17 years of experience over time. I've playing RuneScape from the original old school version all the way to the newer 2007 old school version, and the newest RuneScape that is there now. I've also played pretty much every single type of private server there is and have seen every single different kind of server type and personal touches that people have added to there server, i have quite a big list i have made over time full of ideas that I've liked and other thing that i disliked and didn't think belonged in the server and aspects that people have not liked and did like, and all the way to absolutely adored and love. as far as programming i do not know to much but if there is a good programmer out there, like i said i have MANY MANY MANY great ideas and changed to the server that everyone would love and bring the moparscape player count up by at least 50% at any single given time and hour of every day i promise you. I also have some good ideas for the server website that i could take care of myself unlike the programming and editing of the actual server itself, got lots of ideas for the website that could make it better and i enjoy thoroughly editing websites and putting personal touches onto them that others do not have to help everybody that enjoys the server, i have a true love for editing websites and playing private servers that stretches back 17 years like i said, i completely and totally get into every single thing i do in life and take it to 110% effort and intensity for everything, I am a perfectionist and can not stop or quit something until it is done to the absolute fullest and best in can be, i have lots of input to put in myself from all of my experience over the years and i take everybody suggestions and aspects into play when i edit or do something, i would love to become part of moparscape's team to take the server and website to the fullest of its capabilities and make it a perfect server that could have 300+ players on it at any given time from noon during the day all the way to 4am, the server would be loaded and enjoyed by all, like i said i got lots of input and aspects to add for the website that i could do myself, and for the actual server in-game itself i have loads of ideas and changes and additions that could be added to the server that i think everyone playing now would thoroughly enjoy and be excited about and could draw in loads more players to play all times of the day and night and once they tried your server once they would be absolutely ecstatic to continue playing and continue coming back day after day, month after month, and year after year and not even care or worry about trying to go and find and play a different server because this one would have it all and everybody would enjoy it from first time logging on until they log off every time, and would be the first thing on peoples mind when they wake up and the last thing they think about before they go to bed and all they would be worried about is getting home from work or finish what there doing during day and night to get on and play MoparScape until they go to bed or have to leave and do something else. Also, the ideas for the server i got if someone could program and edit them in would also increase your real life money revenue from people buying membership's or donator status, or buying items to help them improve there play and make their character better, personally i would make it with my ideas to make a real membership zone like actual RuneScape itself and have actual membership items, and people would be buying it left and right and eating that stuff up, especially to help get better things for the server, to make it run faster and smoother at all times and to hold the mass amounts of players that would be coming in to play, and also the best thing of all for yourself, add some extra money into your own pocket.

    Hope i have given you enough reason and thoughts to at least have you put me into consideration for something to do with the server in some sort of way, I'm not asking to become a mod or admin of any kind if you don't think thats where i should be, i would just like to contribute to the server and add many of my great ideas to the servers to hopefully make it a better place along with the website.
    « Last Edit: November 26, 2016, 11:51:59 PM by f u see k »
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    Re: Application for something to do with server
    « Reply #1 on: November 27, 2016, 05:05:10 PM »
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    Re: Application for something to do with server
    « Reply #3 on: November 27, 2016, 07:40:48 PM »
    doggone DENIED


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