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    Author Topic: What is an MRI exam? What can be checked?  (Read 21 times)

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    What is an MRI exam? What can be checked?
    « on: November 20, 2020, 01:54:13 AM »

    Share knowledge about health, disease, illness How to exerciseดาวน์โหลด slotxoWeight loss tips For good health Stay and eat delicious food for a long time.General annual physical examinations that many people have had There may be blood tests, urine or stool tests, lung X-rays, internal examinations, or an ultrasound to check the liver. Electrocardiogram And examined inside to detect cervical cancer But there is also another test, called an MRI, that is not included in a typical annual physical examination package. Because it is a more detailed examination than usual And yes only when really needing to be tested


    What is an MRI?
    MRI, which stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, is an electromagnetic imaging machine. Used in the diagnosis of lesions of the patient. To be used in the treatment And follow up on treatment results It relies on the magnetic properties of hydrogen atoms (Hydrogen, H), which are the main components within the human body, such as water molecules (H2O), etc.

    When the subject is under an electromagnetic field The device will send a radio signal with a specific frequency. (Radiofrequency) to stimulate the organ system to be examined. When an organ is stimulated, it changes in its energy levels according to a physical process known as resonance. The atoms inside the body emit energy. There will be a receiving device that has come out. It is then converted to an image signal on the monitor.


    How to do an MRI physical exam
    In an MRI examination, the patient must lie in the machine. Tunnel Which is about 60 cm wide and will be put in the video signal receiver. Which will have different characteristics Depending on the organ system to be examined Such as brain examination There will be a video receiver around the head area. In case of spinal examination The imaging device is placed behind the patient, etc. The patient must lie in the tunnel for at least 30 minutes to an hour depending on the organ system being examined.

    The examination will be divided into series. Each set takes approximately 3-5 minutes for some tests such as the heart and abdomen. The patient has to hold his breath. Each set takes about 15-20 seconds and requires specific preparation. And refraining from taking certain medications Before the examination In which the staff will inform the procedures on the day of the examination appointment


    MRI advantages
    It is able to provide images that clearly distinguish between different tissues. It is a highly accurate and accurate diagnosis due to the good differentiation of tissues. Can do multiple planes

    Can be used to check all body systems Especially in the non bony parts, that is, soft tissues, such as the spinal brain system. Nerves in the body (muscles, tendons, etc.)

    MRI is more detailed than computed tomography (CT).

    There are a number of special examination techniques, such as one for patients with acute ischemic stroke. Biochemical level detection To separate the type of lump And examination of blood vessels throughout the body, etc.

    It doesn't cause any pain. To the patient's body Including no danger from residual radiation Because there is no risk of injection of a contrast agent and a catheter to inject color. Therefore has higher safety

    Very useful in examining pediatric patients. Since there is no danger of radiation Caused by the use of x-rays

    MRI disadvantages
    The cost is higher than other tests.

    One MRI exam will examine one organ system. Such as brain examination Will show an image of brain tissue And other organs in the brain will not be able to see the organs in the chest or abdomen. Therefore, each examination Must be examined by the treating doctor prior to the MRI examination by the doctor will write a slip to see which parts of the organs to be examined. And inform the history of physical examination and treatment of the patient Which is necessary for radiologists To interpret the results of MRI images, they are used.


    What can an MRI test?
    Looking for abnormalities of the brain And nerves in the brain


    Looking for abnormalities in the breast and heart area


    Abdomen and pelvis
    Find abnormalities of the organs in the abdomen, uterus and ovaries in females. Prostate gland in males


    Bones and joints
    Find bone abnormalities Spinal cord And spine


    blood vessel
    Check the veins And blood flow


    Precautions for using MRI services
    If you are afraid of being in a narrow space Should let your doctor know
    MRI should be avoided if metal implants are present in the body, such as those who have surgically attached a vascular clip in aneurysm (old type) metal plates in people with bone splice. The person who changed the prosthetic part Artificial heart valve Put on a pacemaker Or implantation of other medical devices Containing metal Including braces (For those requiring head-to-neck MRI)

    Take off jewelry All personal items from the body Also, remove makeup that may contain metallic elements such as eyeshadow or mascara Because it affects the examination That may react to make the examination image unclear

    This is because it is a fairly thorough physical examination. Take a while And can be examined only part, so the MRI examination is needed to find the cause of the real disease in each disease. The individual parts of the body in some cases only, such as CTScan or ultrasound, are blurred, etc. Therefore, if an MRI is to be used, the doctor will have to determine whether an MRI examination is necessary and at a higher cost. normal Ask the patient to discuss their right to love.
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