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Since posting threads about asking for rsmv ids is against the rules, you may post any ids you want here to assist others. I have taken the ones below from various other threads.

37247-Broomstick from 2008 halloween event!

30313-Some sort of ice sword?

30306-lumbrige in a snow globe?...ok...

30234-30260 Revenants :)

30514-OMG a monkey!

30023-30057 armour sets boxes from the G.E.

30374-30381 snowman with armour parts on it from the 2007 christmas event

30372-30373 two reindeers...HD!

40589-40590 looks something like genral grador or w/e :P

40598-Dragon plate very wierd quality

40613-Some dude with full rune and a legends cape,HD

40640-40653 New HD runecrafting alters(good for a server object :) )

40691-Giant banner or blank quest complete sheet...HD

40745-40749 HD KBD parts.

41758-HD H.A.M. cape,good for editing :)

41774-41777 some animation into 3 parts...hmmm could be a new emote?

41959-The ring master from the circus minigame!

Full ring master-Top-42002 horn thingy?-42004 boots 41986 hat-41985 legs-MISSING...


43166-Picaxe from rhe stealing creation minigame-Thanks Zillionair1 for telling me what it was!

43238-cool platebody good for editing!

44171-44172 The slayer master and the strength maste doing what they do best...EMOTES! :p

44437-Some runes!-.-

44576-The real dragon platebody HD yes its the real deal :)

Full black elite armour-Helm-44577 Legs-44575 Top 44585

44590-dragon claws YAY!

44584-OMG weed! :P

45190-Jack frost!(watch out he's EMO)!

Full santa :)-Chest-45199 sleeves-45197 boots-45198 gloves-45196 Legs-45195 ice ammy-45201

45187-Yeti from 08 christmas event!

32678-32679 Easter egg (turned into by easter ring!)

32680-Chocatrice cape(from the 2008 runescape easter event)

33148-Dragon gauntlets :D!(detailed version - 33205)

33146-33302 Most Fist of guthix items!

33315-Top hat

33308-33351 Some of the new Treasure trail items!

UPDATED AS of jan 13 09!
10038- random NPC top hat but purple :)

10193- 2 scimmy's with a shield on top(good object for walls and stuff

10223-santy clause! :p

10313-cool cape to edit

29540-A skele on it knee's good for a pking area object

32772-32773 gnome copters

32080-32790 player npcs(IDK its just too hard for me =[ )

32878-32879-32987 Skill capes

33025-bandos god sword

33024-Rune Defender

10274-10278 a bronze warrior!

10318-a sword im certin is not a real weapon in rs

10376-10379 a ninja!

10379- a bowsword

26279- dark bow


10381-Same as 10318(not same sword!)

2584-holy shit i think jagex know what im doin!theres a rune that says "ha" on it  :|

25871-omfgwtfbbq A N OTHER M ONK EY!

40169/40170 music cape :)

2599- :( jagex called me a hoe rune  :(

40560-dragon pickaxe

44574/44594/44605-Dagon' hai armour

22023-golden battle axes

22024-golden sword sets

22152 or 23892-a yak for npc model lol Big Grin

22284-a cape to edit

22286-shadow sword? hmm looks cool

22333-bone pickaxe

23861-23868-frog leather

23906-wierdest dreadfowl -half chicken and fish-

24425- a mace?

24538- ancient mace

26279- dark bow

26364-26367- imps(hunter game)

26580- flying green dragon(maybe for sailing?) like that old banner?

26634- cool body for you to edit Big Grin

27197- cool sword details

27723/28140- trident

27743 and 27745- odd helm looks cool tho

27765/27770 Zamorak God's Swords just resize

28174/28176-sarasword spec

33024-Rune Defender

33-Rune Berserker Shield

33260-Dragon Gaunts

34131 and 64132-Jad-New jad after update for those looking for it XD

34192/34194/34196/64206-Obsidian pickaxe Big Grin

3478-Dragon claw special?

36479/37366/38359-Set That you need to unmantle Big Grin

368/42553-Better than princess crown useable for mod/admin/ownerwear Big Grin

40169/40170-music cape... -.- when you get all music? Big Grin

37975-Armadyl shield?

38109-music cape emote or lyre emote?<<<<havent seen new one

40174/40411-most retarded quest cape?

40179/40406-Death cape! Big Grin wow...

40197-looks like the top part of a tux Big Grin

40207-Dragon platebody

40213/40237/40253-Cow look for a human

40289-ice trident Big Grin

40308/40311/40312-Blue elite look Big Grin

40560-DRAGON PICKAXE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

41301-Crying baby XD

44568-orb of jas

42367/42535-The guy from Defender of varrok Big Grin

42547-Cool Helm/Plate/legs/gloves/boots Big Grin

42615-Vesta longsword

43667-Failed version of dragon claws also?

43641-remove torag legs for Dragon tail Big Grin

43651/43660-Dragon claws

43658-Cool sword Big Grin

43659-Failed version of Dragon claws?  Embarrassed

44705-Staff Big Grin

44899,44898,44897-Falador Shield 3,1,2

45190-Jack frost-that blue haired punk Big Grin got a good taste in hair styling Big Grin

45191,45192,45193,45195,45196,45197-Full Santa i added hood i found in there

45285-Santa Use him for 2010 christmas lawl

45338-pheonix/Guthix altar looks tight

Thanks to DRAGONGIRL and Mr Mopar for the above.

Please do not request in this thread,  if it remains inactive it will be removed.  So if you have some IDs,  feel free to post :)

Dunno if you've got any of these but anyway.

24572 - 24610 approx. = New Dragons, New Kalphites

30400 - 31300 approx. = Basically, All Summoning

30234 - 30259 = Revenants

Barrelchest Anchor:
Inv - 23133
Wield - 22787
Spec gfx - 23152

Dragon Dart:
Inv - 26299
Wield - 26280

New Varrock Guards

All Skillcape Emotes/gfx's:
19069 - 19092

Dragon Full Helm:
Inv/drop - 26662
Male wield - 26632
Female wield - 26658
Dialogue Model - 26660

Music Cape:
Inv - 36913
Male - 40169
Male2 - 40407
Untrimmed (Looks Best) - 40170

44852 - Thanksgiving Turkey NPC

44705 - Awesome Staff

44576 - Dragon Plate Drop Model


I got 100's more, i'm not jokin, it's late and i need to get some sleep, add some more another time.

f1rey wav3:
More ID's

45572- Dull Soul Wars Portal
45573- Regular Soul Wars Portal (the one in game)
45473, 45474- The avatars from Soul Wars
45471- Minitrice Pet
45294- Snow Imp (cute)
45317- Charcoal Covered Phoenix
45570- Crawling Hand Pet
45571- Basilisk Pet (I think)
45472- Another one of the pets
45437- Phoenix Pouch Model (Summoning)
45435- Phoenix (Not sure if its pet or the monster that you fight)
45432- Phoenix Pouch's Scroll (Not sure of actual name)
45414 to 45427- Parts of the Npc's found throughout the Phoenix's Lair
45411, 45412, 45413- Random Phoenix Models
45436- Phoenix's Funeral Pyre
45437- Phoenix's Funeral Pyre after being burned up =P
45338- Phoenix's Altar
45334- Entrance to Phoenix's Lair
45285- SANTA!!

blood pwns:
40434 - a Crown with a blue triangle yellow triangle in the middle and ride on the side
40464 - a cow mask Ive seen other pieces so it's probably a set
40476 - Cow legs includes a tail
40521 - 405299 - Seems like a new armadyl monster
40554- Piece of dragon kite?
40557 - other piece of dragon kite
40575 - big bulldog lol
40590 - Looks to be a new boss monster bandos most likely

I'll look for more things tomorrow. Oh yeah some1 mentioned a ninja right? i found a samurai but forgot what the model id was =/

19168-19209 halloween event cant remember year its the one with pumpkin and skelly

31016-31021 strange bug things  :P

31093 summon emote?

31097 a rainbow spider

31185 a monkey head-more monkey heads in lowder ids from that and a few higher

4019 spartan helm

33210 a small fat guy

44613 a total random monster?

33310   a spiky helmet never seen befor?

33008 a hd girl in hunter clothes

33049 fist of guthix monster thing

44700 a big scary guy

45779 a leprichon  LOL

40852 cabbage tele or just a cabage?

40907 they made an ammy for me =] its the first letter of my name woohoo

40955 corp beast in brown

40956 normal corp beast

also instead of just posting drop models could you also post weild/wear models because drop armour models arnt full models and i realy need dragon hai wear models lol ill get more models soon


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