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    Author Topic: Feedback on Ultimatescape  (Read 13591 times)

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    Feedback on Ultimatescape
    « on: March 17, 2017, 09:14:23 AM »
    Rewarding Moparscape rewards to people who are willing check out a server!


    Post bugs/feedback below.
    Good posts will be rewarded with ingame items on Moparscape!

    Good luck guys!
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    Re: Feedback on Ultimatescape
    « Reply #1 on: March 17, 2017, 09:42:21 AM »
    Looks interesting! I remember this server from back in the day, lets see what it brings! :)


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    Re: Feedback on Ultimatescape
    « Reply #2 on: March 17, 2017, 01:09:27 PM »

    Hey! Nice server so far for me. I only had about 10 minutes to look at stuff before work. So I started a small list of a few things, and ill update it more as I have time.
    my list is completely random and in no order at all. and im sorry if parts dont make sense. feel free to message me or pm me in game for clarification. i also took a couple screenshots for dtk Lucas ill upload once my comp works.

    Trying to attack certain rockcrabs and I get this message below.
    You need a slayer level of at least 1 to attack this NPC.
    Not able to pick up my own loots after rock crab kills sometimes.
    server dced me and after relogging my loots were still on ground but not obtainable.
    60 atk, drag scimmy, and glory, and I missed 11 times in a row on hitting a rock crab :/
    Graphics look good.
    Blow kiss emoji is blacked out. Wooooah. Lots of the emotions towards the bottom are wrong and or glitch ur character out haha.  The bottom like 8/9 are not correct and blacked out yet u can use them.
    Brightness bar doesn’t have a blue square till u click somewhere on it.
    Music isn’t working for me even with volume up on my comp and ingame.
    My infriend game is on the same world as me, but shows up yellow on friends list, doesn’t that mean different world in osrs? Compared to green? , were standing next to eachother haha.
    All skills u can click and check ur leve and percent till next lvl by clicking them , cept summoning u click and u get that menu of summoning options, how do u check ur summoning exp percent to next lvl like the others?
    A friend in need quest—the wording on the clue / intro is kinda weird.
    Lol the quest nein lives makes me think of hitler…
    Saggitarian boots (b) in your donator store, click on them and it says they have no value.

    Trying to add item to my own shop is hard. Specific formatting needed. Then it asks you to clarify you put the right number which is nice… until the next part says oh the max u can sell for is this. Lol. Just wish that woulda came up before making me check that I put the correct price on it again.
    Also clicking yes to put something in shop does nothing for me. I just sit here on that screen.
     Oh after I leave that screen manually, now it says I have a time limit before using shop.

    some of the F keys work, i think f9 or 8 didnt work.

    ill update when i can.

    Collect 25 vote rewards (1/20) needed.
    some loots from chaos druid were odd -- and everything dropped is in the quanity 15.
    fire rune emblem looks a touch off in inventory, but fine in spell book.
    1 mage spell cast from lvl 1 to 20, then 1 from 22 to 33, of air spell.
    you can autocast from spell book but not from staff, like staff inv screen, atk method ,etc whatever its called.
    says i have 600 air runes in my inv.... but my spell book says i have 1.00006b air runes on me lol.
    battle hood 100 costs negative 1 credits to buy.
    donator store link doesnt work. -- prolly intentional for the beta, still thought id mention.
    Lots of items have no price, therefore cant be sold to gen store.
    Current space max space bank words in top right overflow
    Opening up a screen where u have to type something ( i.e like depositing coins to ur money pouch, brings up the type screen with the last thing u typed in it, so for me it brought up “help” for the help cc I was joining, as the amount I wanted to donated in my money pouch before I typed anything , just had to delete it, but tht id mention.
    Open sarcophagus in pyramid plunder room 1 gives u a bugged message.
    Got my thieving and agility levels up from 1 to 30  just going past traps and thru doors at plunder hah.

    Banker and rewards mystic no less then 10-15ft from the actual bank and a rewards mystic at home.
    Skillcapes inside bank and right outside it… seems like store people are too frequent everywhere around home.
    Gen store has 0 items in it.
    Uhh skilling resources 2. Says limpwurt roots cost 0 coins. I hit buy 1, and my entire inventory filled up with them lol.
    No quick prayers or quick summoning tabs from top right by minimap
    My minimap also has a red mark at the northern most point that drives me crazy lol.
    Chaos altar wildy , using it u get an error message.
    Ammy of glory purple color missing.
    Teled to fight kolodin boss of MB, no ones there at tele spot lvl 51 wizzy arena.
    Leveling up any combat skills restores u to full hp.
    Buy 100 rune ess just lets u choose x amount. Prolly beta reason but ya.
    Do we need tiara to rc? Rune ess on air altar does nothing.
    Ammy of glory operate does nothing.
    Did my hard clue scroll n got rewards – ancient mitre x2, ancient stole, black skirt g, pantaloons
    Normal tree gives about 9 logs before dying.
    Sawmill operator at wc place does nothing.
    I need 8 hunter to equip a mithril hatchet ? bronze to dragon work fine to wield cept mith
    Fm u turn around walk backwards or if ur already facing backwards u just moonwalk to fm lol. (west)
    Magohany needs 99 wc  teak needs 75 wc, magohany tree color is distorted.
    You cant override wcing, with trying to light logs from ur inv, u just continue wcing.
    Leaving sales store screens, they auto pop up the ( which store do u wanna go to) screen.
    Mining copper ore took about 10 seconds to get one ore, which doesn’t stop it either, my character continues to try and mine from it until I tell it to do something else.  Same vein, took about 20 more seconds to get another ore.    Mining on here is almost slower than real rs, only thing nice is that u can get multiples from veins.
    Lololol best thing ive found yet. Go to gnome agility course.  After first part u climb up the net or ladder, and theres nothing there, u can just walk off the map and no clip anywhere.
    Ahh crap.. it happens at barbarian outpost agil course too.
    After leveling up a skill, from 45 to 46, then click it, it says im already 91% of the way to 47, and it was thieving with a low exp stall.
    My run meter isn’t yellow but my char is running sometimes.
    Door to cooking tele doesn’t open to cook 
    Scroll over deposit worn items in bank and a red 5 comes up on the icon
    You can drink an entire potion (4) in like 3 seconds tops if you spam click rapidly.
    Chivalry prayer says u only need 55 pray instead of 60 to use.
    Items u will lose on death screen—only needs (if u are not skulled) on top part. Doesn’t change the bottom.
    ::guide and ::Train don’t work, but ::Home,::rewards, ::Vote work  haha and u say “vote time” automatically. Love it.
    I was able to vote on rsps list, and ups list just by clicking them. The others mostly had incorrect links or just went to their websites main link. Like google.
    Door to oziachs house is shut and unopenable, but if u step to the right and right click talk to him, I went through the window and into the house. 
    Trollhiem and ape atoll tele in spell books don’t tell u about the new menu for teleporting.
    Enchant crossbow in spellbook,
    “Theyre are no hard/medium tasks available for you”, I assume its based on slay level, but it doesn’t tell you any reasoning.   But my easy task was killing lvl 133s? rip.
    Buy 10 grimy guam, get a whole inv of it.
    Type ::Help u get a guide, it says click Camelot tele in spell book for train,
    If u type ::Commands u go to a website that I don’t think is affiliated with yours lol.
    In fight pit reward shop, super atk str def look weird af noted.  Also the fc looks weird.
    Couldn’t test pc or fight pits due to not having 5 players ready,
    I clicked barrows minigame tele, then clicked my bank, and while I was teleing, and at my new barrows location, I still have my bank screen pulled up and can deposit and withdraw items.
    Barrows rewards from the few runs I did sucked lol :P drinking the potion and clicking the chest and get insta deathed by all the brothers was funny tho.
    Got stuck in castle wars zammy portal not being able to tele out, just had to x log n restart to get back in castle wars main lobby.
    Climb down well, at home near pyramid plunder doesn’t work 
    Pickpocket on lvl 56 bandit does nothing, and he just looks pissed off at me. Defensive animation for bandits put the shield they are carrying through their own heads as they block.
    Random Use portal in dungeoneering, says “blocked”
    Im collecting my task, 57 raw cave moray, and while im getting them and have them in my inv, they aren’t updating on the task counter im still at 0/57
    Had to tele out to reset the dungeoneering task, doing with blue crab task, having same issue of not updating .
    Randomly my timer stopped in dungeeonering and took away my crabs and tools.. but I had a fishing net with me already, and it didn’t tele me out of dungeoneering. So im just sitting here fishing blue crabs for free fish xp lol. No current task or partner.
    None of the escape ropes or ladders in dungeoneering minigame work. After leaving the minigame it did take the crabs out. I wonder if I xlogged it if it would. Ill try now.
    My dungoneering fishing spot is ontop of an escape rope.  Also when u leave, u keep the items from the dungeon tool kit, but when u get a new task it puts those 3 back in the toolkit box for you.
    Xlogging it took away the food I fished there, that’s good.   You cant log out while fishing?
    Fletching tele takes u to a sawmill operator which does nothing no matter the clicked option.
    Slayer and summoning teles are the only ones that don’t tele you to a specific place in skills teles.
    Moss giants, hill giants, and a black dragon all at same hill giants tele.
    Monsters walk thru almost anything in their paths to kill you… walls, obstacles, things as  aplayer I have to run around, they go through usually. 
    There is no skills tele for construction, but says its an available skill on skills screen.
    Killed about 30 cyclops never got a bronze defender drop. Could just been unlucky, they also drop regular bones when I thought they would be big bones.
    Trade screen has some bug typing towards the bottom of it. When someone trades u and u click trade back u gotta choose between shop and trade menu still.
    Friends list doesn’t show people log in, only off.
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    OfflineStitch R6

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    Re: Feedback on Ultimatescape
    « Reply #3 on: March 17, 2017, 01:47:30 PM »
    ** I'll Edit this as I progress through the game **

    1) Barbarian Agility Course bugged climbing the wall https://gyazo.com/a08397f54971e5ad7ad0bec467cd4967

    2) Random Sign post in thieving area fading in and out

    3) Killing Druids and some random stuff here,
    Cant read "Hazelmere's book" - Dont know what its for or what it does
    Also They drop "Null" and fills your inventory with 15 null items

    4) Talking to Oziach at edgeville doesnt work.
    Door doesnt work either but you can noclip into the shop but have to tele to get out

    5) Can't drop some items such as feathers/fishing bait. it says "item is not tradable" when you drop.
    -- Door to the cooking range at fishing guild doesnt open.
    (Seems like any door closed cant be opened at all)

    6) Cant do anything with the items you find in Pyramid Plunder

    7) two scrolls are unable to be finished. The one in deep wild due to gates unable to be opened and the one by clock tower because we are unable to search the crate

    8) in the slayer boss mini game if you die, your hp stays 0
    also when the round is over, you dont go back to the lobby right away

    9) I love the % thing when you click the skill but in my opinion (and i dont know if you made it this way)
    but i think it should start at 0% starting each new level, then progress until 99.9% (100% being new level reached) or show us the experience until the next level. This one isnt a bug but more of an opinion.

    10) Achievement says "buy 10 bones" but i cant seem to find bones in shops (if there are any) and selling bones to shop, then buying also doesnt work. So not sure if you can achieve it.

    11) You cant exchange nuggets anywhere even though the general store clerk says you can with him.

    12) Voting system isnt responsive

    13) If you vote for a boss in the boss slaying mini game then tele, it wont let you vote again if your return

    14) Helms and some of the character changes glitch/bug out

    15) Was doing the dungeoneering mini game and half way through my inv of fishing hiem crabs, i got tele'd to the start of it randomly/ i didnt take a portal or anything.

    16) After finishing the mini game for dungeoneering, i recieved this.

    17) The mini game Fight pits doesnt tell you when the game started once you enter the game itself

    18) Barrage is a multi spell but in multi, it only attacks/damages one player

    19) Curses animation happens more frequently then it should (I believe)

    20) Pathing to attack players is off. you have to click the mini map next to them in order to attack otherwise you attack once then run backwards out of reach.

    21) When you switch from DDS to whip, it automatically puts your attack style to defence.

    22) Construction - Cant rotate rooms so your very limited on what you can do.
    love the skill, but would be nice to see some more added with it. / Also when you do something, the exp drop shows hunter icon. / Also a butler option would be nice so you dont have to tele home, bank, run around, go into your home again

    23) I learned you can pk farm (I didnt but i checked) and you can attack the same ip for kills

    24) you can farm fight pits with multiple accounts online. (should kick them offline if not active for so long)

    25) --> Anything that arent in the regular shops such as the mini games shops/pk shops/slayer shops.ect ect.... should be set so you cant abuse the system and get points too easily so thats what im trying to find out right now.

    26) Was doing agility - climbing the net - the course glitched (barbarian) reloged thinking it would fix it and when i moved down the ladder i found myself lost in space

    27) All DK's drop regular bones with the regular bone exp when buried.

    28) Auto retaliate doesnt work half the time.

    29) Tzaar npc's dont drop tokkul, only adds coins to your pouch like other monsters. (killed bout 100)

    30) From BlindWizard -->1.- Boss slaying minigame // When you' get the voting interface and you choose to walk instead of answering to any of the shown bosses // You wont get the ability to vote until timer resets

    31) Randomly char/avatars glitch in and out (still logged in) - random so i couldnt gif it

    32) From BlindWizard --> 2.- Sometimes if you die you'll stay with 0 hitpoints and 0 prayer when re-spawn.

    33) From BlindWizard --> Sometimes you randomly disconnect from the server and your account would be rolledback

    34) From BlindWizard --> When performing Skill capes emotes, wont perform any animations.
    Overload potions cant be brewed

    35) Saw mill operator doesnt work at woodcutting area
    you have to go home - bank/make planks - tele back every inventory

    36 From BlindWizard --> Buff exp per essence when doin runecrafting: https://gyazo.com/80cd285b14b92120586f3dea1068ee9b

    37) Can make steel darts at level 1 / rune darts at level 40

    38) Bring butlers to construction =) (personal wish)
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    Re: Feedback on Ultimatescape
    « Reply #4 on: March 17, 2017, 06:53:27 PM »
    I like how it has a lot of items that Moparscape doesn't have which makes it good. For example, chaotic, korasi, etc,.
    Also the shops at rock crabs could be changed just a little, like dark bows, barrows armour, fighter's torso shouldn't be in shop. If it would be mainly a pk server it'll be okay, but I don't see a point in having those in the shop. Looks like a VERY easy server and people will eventually get bored.. Just giving my honest opinion.


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    Re: Feedback on Ultimatescape
    « Reply #5 on: March 17, 2017, 08:23:07 PM »
    hi i found a bug at zulrah , i can hit him with my bolts and i go over again to the boss and i can hit him .

    and i can do my prayer on

    at armandyl boss i can't attack him..

    please can you fix it ?
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    Re: Feedback on Ultimatescape
    « Reply #6 on: March 17, 2017, 11:44:18 PM »
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    Re: Feedback on Ultimatescape
    « Reply #7 on: March 18, 2017, 06:08:12 AM »
    Testing it now.
    Don't ruin the server with any "Global bonus xp" type shit. Unless I'm too late.


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    Re: Feedback on Ultimatescape
    « Reply #8 on: March 18, 2017, 08:06:09 AM »
    Avas put arrows back into inventory instead of not using one already wearing


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    Re: Feedback on Ultimatescape
    « Reply #9 on: March 19, 2017, 08:09:26 AM »
    Super excited about the new server so far it is beautiful but will need some help from this new development team!  I have been playing for a little bit and have run into a few bugs so I will list them.  But I will also add features that I enjoy or appreciate as well

    The moss giants at the giant teleport drop bones
    Same situation for cyclops
    most mobs only drop bones and leathers and no additional loot
    I am having issues with the Gold nugget swapper
    the skills do not have the remaining and current exp counters
    Having difficulties with summoning
    I love the boss slaying minigame
    I agree that the barrows equipment should not be for sale in the stores
    love the side menu and am excited for the coming soon monsters to arrive  :palm:

    Keep up the great work and I am super excited to see this server in action!  I will stay commited to helping expedite the process!! Cheers

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    Re: Feedback on Ultimatescape
    « Reply #10 on: March 19, 2017, 01:43:39 PM »
    I get this error when I try opening client every time
    Why don't you give me the entire code rather than that..


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    Re: Feedback on Ultimatescape
    « Reply #11 on: March 19, 2017, 04:35:15 PM »
    Good game but way too many bugs. Not for someone who considers themselves impatient, or someone who doesn't like newer Runescape.


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    Re: Feedback on Ultimatescape
    « Reply #12 on: March 24, 2017, 02:23:09 AM »
    damn that server is addicting
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