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News (for the week 15/06/2015)

RS Wiki Update
You might have noticed that recently the wiki was in the process of being reworked and was constantly being cleaned up. We finally migrated to a system backed by Git which uses Gollum.
This version is still in the works and you can contribute to it using github - we hope that this way it will be more powerful and easier to manage than ever.

IRC Management - #1[/url]. #2[/url].
Some issues were ignited regarding the IRC management. I am happy to say that we have resolved all of them and usage of the IRC network can resume as normal.

Client Hacking

RuneTek 3+ - MIDI Compression Format (by sini)
Sini has refactored the MIDI compression class used in modern RuneTek engines. It is worth checking out if you are interested in such affairs regarding the client.

RuneScript to Lua Compiler (by sini)
Sini is not done just yet though! He has also been working on a RuneScript to Lua compiler recently which is starting to get together. The purpose of this is to be able to port client-sided RuneScript bytecodes to Lua (a source code format).
A few members have also chimed together some ideas which are definitely worth the read.

Senior Member Feature - Mopman[/url]
This week we have managed to get a hold of Mopman[/url] - the very foundation of our community :)

Before MoparScape/MoparIsTheBest what did you do?
Well, before mitb/moparscape i was on other runescape communities, rscn, kaitnieks etc. I never did anything of value there though, just leeched off of others ;) I played runescape too up til RS2 came out, but i haven't really played since the beta (a little on and off, but not seriously).
I also used to be into the genesis3d community which was a free game engine, sort of a clone of the quake 3/unreal engines but when those were closed source and expensive. I would link you to my profile at g3d, but it's super embarrassing, I was even less smart 15 years ago ;)

How did you find MoparScape/MITB and what were the first things you did on here?
I knew who moparisthebest was before he started the forum, he was at the time a big figure in the scar community on kaitnieks, which I wasn't really a part of as I preferred other ways to bot.
When he started his forum (moparisthebest, no moparscape yet, that came later!) I signed up though because I knew he was well known and very active. I assumed there'd be some good stuff on there and I guess I was right, since when kaitnieks died it basically became our new home.

I should also add everyone thought me and moparisthebest were the same fudgeing person so I couldn't really not know who he was :p
When I posted Aryan updates on my site I had to put a notice saying I wasn't moparisthebest because everyone kept private messaging him (and thus me) for help. In hindsight I should have just let them [private message me].

What are you known for in the community and how did you rise to power?
Hm good question. I guess I'm not really known for anything in the sense that some people are - I never wrote any awesome bots or anything. In the early days I did a lot of public scripting/helping people with scripts and issues.
After Aryan died I provided updates & support for a while after the team stopped, basically just because I happened to have access to the private channels and such (despite not being a dev, contrary to belief) and could bug the devs with annoying questions when their shit broke.

As for 'rising to power' it basically just came through being here ages and being well known. iIwas a 'community member' on kaitnieks (I think that's what it was called anyway - the rep-based rank). I only got gmod/admin after MITB - he just needed another gmod and asked.

What made you decide to stick around for all this time, on the forums and IRC?
Honestly at this point its just because I have friends here. I have known some people here longer than I have known my real life friends at this point!
I still think botting/private servers are awesome and interesting and I want to see the community keep doing cool stuff, but I lost interest in the game itself years ago, so it's just about keeping the community alive and keeping in touch with friends now.

But surely I am the reason you stick around ^.^
Oh of course, It's all about pure! Everyone else is unimportant :D

What do you think of the quality of content nowadays? Are you impressed by the evolution of rsps/botting?
I must admit I haven't kept up to date with servers - though last time I looked at them I was sincerely impressed! I like that eventually we moved away (somewhat) from copy-pasting all day and people started doing interesting things with custom content and stuff.
Do more of that. (where is my tower defense in the runetek engine, bitches?) As for botting I'm like anti-impressed with it. we have a couple of profit oriented companies selling bots to gold farmers and that's it - yawn.

What do you think about the fragmentation of the RSPS communities nowadays and the inevitable decline?
It sucks, but it's probably, as you say, inevitable - the game itself is dropping off too of course. It's a shame since as I said above people make good friends through this. After Aryan died we kept the private channel alive for a few years, with no Aryan related content, just to hang out.
Now I don't really speak to any of them other than exemplar. if you let the 'community' part die, eventually everyone will drift away, this is just the way it is. If you don't like that, you have to find other things to keep people together.

In more recent news, do you wish to make a statement on the IRC drama that was had or the shutting down of SoulSplit?
Haha, I think enough has been said about the IRC drama, needless to say it was a clusterfudge and I apologise for my part in it. I think we have managed to do what is best for the community though even if it bruised some egos for all involved.
As for soulsplit, I'm surprised they were not shut down sooner. The guy who runs it always seemed like a pretty OK guy to me, but he was being crazy, lol. I just hope whatever happened doesn't ruin his chances at whatever other projects him/his company end up doing and that nobody got fudgeed over personally by losing their income etc.

What do you do today, i.e. what's a typical day like for Mopman :) ?
HARD DRUGS. Wait no don't put that. Uh, this is a family friendly post? ;)

Typical day for Mopeman.. I work for a web hosting company here in the UK, but I work remotely, so my typical day involves waking up, eating cornflakes with bananas on it because it's the breakfast of champions.
Then I tend to broken servers or angry customers.... On off days I ride a motorcycle which I'm pretty sure is going to fall apart any minute, berate pure for a few hours, and try to pick up women on IRC (rarely successful, but has been known to work).

Wait, you said it has been known to work. Care to elaborate?
Haha yeah, I met my current girlfriend on IRC... On #mopar, actually. Some of you know her as baristaTam... I recommend against IRC relationships though, airfare is expensive.

Any advice to newcomers on how to be pro coders etc/Final statements
Just make stuff. Anytime you think a project would be cool, or you have a problem you want to solve, if you cant find anyone else who is solving the same problem who you can work with, it's your job. ;)
Too many programmers (inside and outside the community) get this mentality where they feel there is such a thing as an 'elite' programmer who is far better than them and knows everything, and they dedicate their time to becoming this elite programmer instead of doing shit.
They don't really exist though, so if you're ever going to get anywhere you need to get used to going from 'I don't know anything about what I need to do' -> 'research/exploration' -> 'just doing it' - That's really what everyone else is doing too, you just only see the end results.
I think that skill is far more important to being a great programmer than any sort of technical skill.

Seeing as it is exam season, good luck on exams everyone who has them currently, and don't drop out like I did, it's bad for health!

INSIDE JOKE ALERT: Also, go in pure - I'll follow up ;)
ps What the fudge a camper van just went past with Tom Cruise written on it. I assume Tom Cruise isn't in it.

Damn Im on fire for client hacking  :cool:

How in the world did you get Mopman to reply to ALL of that?


--- Quote from: t4 on June 14, 2015, 02:11:53 PM ---How in the world did you get Mopman to reply to ALL of that?

--- End quote ---
I'm wondering if I'm in a dream myself.

x Albi x:
cool bro nice post ur the best tbh


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